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    News Stories

    • Impressionist landscapes
      Using previous design work, and the skills gained following Brian Taylor’s visit last week, Pioneers and Inventors have been busy creating their own artwork.
    • Amazing Arrays!
      The children in Year 2 explored arrays in Maths.
    • Bishop artists making their mark
      The Investigators welcomed back local artist Brian Taylor for a painting workshop linking to their learning in Art and Literacy.
    • Art Workshop
      This week, we were lucky to have Brian Taylor deliver an art workshop to help us develop our watercolour painting techniques.
    • Design and Technology  
      In DT over the next couple of weeks, Pioneers and Inventors are studying mechanisms to create a moving toy (automaton). 
    • Art Workshops
      This week KS1 and KS2 enjoyed a number of very creative, fun and educational Art Workshops led by our local artist Brian Taylor.
    • Once Upon A Mermaid’s Tale.
      This week we have been reading together Once Upon A Mermaid’s Tale, talking, thinking and learning about looking after our natural world and living creatures through play.
    • Art Workshop
      KS1 were so excited to welcome back local artist Brian Taylor for a workshop!
    • Complimentary flowers...
      KS1 children have been using their knowledge of creating secondary colours from primary colours to produce bouquets of complimentary colour flowers.
    • An Intruder!
      We came back from lunch to find that a visitor had been in our role play! Someone had eaten the porridge and had broken a chair!
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