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    • Live Music Concert
      Kip Pratt and Elfyn Jones have been with us this morning and sharing their interactive concert for schools, funded by Devon Music Education Hub, forming a tour entitled 'Seven Days Of Music.'
    • Countdown to Mr Jeffery
      LOOK OUT for our very own Mr Jeffery on Countdown on channel 4 at 14:10 today!
    • Ekphrastic Fantastic!
      Well done to those children who entered the Somerset Literacy Network Poetry Competition last term. Children who were in Adventurers and Investigators last academic year used a picture from The Lonely Sea Dragon to inspire their poems.
    • COLLABORATION is the Key!
      The children have been busily completing their Sports Relief challenges all day. They have COLLABORATED together to achieve their goals.
    • Our Willow Tower
      Have seen our new Willow Tower by the Adventurers class? We are proud to be hosting one of the willow Towers of Concern that some of our children helped to create at part of the Bishopsteignton Festival.
    • Y4 Bikeability
      This year we have been offered some extra Bikeability training for our Y4 pupils and we were delighted to take the opportunity!
    • World Book Day
      Wow! What a fantastic day of sharing stories and swapping books we've had!
    • Gymnastic Fantastic!
      Congratulations to our lovely team of gymnasts from Yr 3,4,5 and 6 who won first place in the Gymnastic Competition on Tuesday evening!
      We are very pleased to share Bishop's first 'Reading Newsletter'
    • Online Safety Tip 5
      Remember that the positive aspects of the Internet outweigh the negatives.
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