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At Bishopsteignton School, our Geography curriculum encourages children to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of their world and their place in it. We place learning in a context that is relevant to our children’s lives, embracing and appreciating Devon’s rich geography through local studies alongside studies of diverse global localities and communities.


Pupil Voice

Do you enjoy geography? What are some lessons or activities you have really liked?  


'Yes - Using maps and using numbers to find where we were.' Charlie

'Yes - Exploring the world with our maps and compasses. I liked when we went to the beach, and the river Teign.' Edwin

'Yes - I liked it when we built the river out of sand.' Ronnie

 What makes geography different from other lessons or subjects in school?


'Things like Literacy and maths are more like straightforward/yes/no. In geography, it is more research and finding out new things. It’s fun.' Robert

'Learning about where you live and where you can go. In other lessons we often learn just about things here.' Alice and Gracie

 What have you learned about in geography this half term?


''Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis (in guided reading) tectonic plates, how the gulf stream affects climate, the formation of different types of mountains. Parts of the inside of Earth, like mantle, crust, inner core, outer core. We wrote in Literacy about it.' Brianna, Gracie Robert and Alice.