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Our intent is to enable children to become healthy, independent members of society who are aware of their rights and responsibilities and play an active, positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.   Our curriculum aims to help children understand how they are developing personally and socially, giving them the confidence and skills to address many of the moral, social and cultural issues that they will need to appreciate as part of growing up in a diverse society.



Pupil Voice

Do you enjoy RHE lessons?

Yes. The triangle sounds and we do belly breathing.(EYFS).

Yes, especially when we do role play. (LKS2)

Yes.  Sometimes I prefer the speaking and not writing part; Yes because we sometimes get to chat with friends about it and this is much better!  (UKS2)


What have you learnt in RHE recently?

About feeling lonely and how you can help.  You could say ‘do you want to come and play with me?’  ‘Are you ok?’ (EYFS)

Online safety and how we can get off a game and then tell an adult if we need to. (LKS2) 

We’ve learnt about what are our rights and responsibilities; About keeping the planet safe. (UKS2)


Which has been your favourite lesson? Why?

I like my lessons because I like calming myself down. (EYFS)

When we got to learn about what helps with friendships. (LKS2)


What helps you with your learning in RHE?

You can talk to a partner and discuss it. That it’s ok to disagree and to say if you disagree; It’s more supportive when we work as a class. (LKS2)


What could be better about your RHE lessons?

Acting!  When lessons are really active - like our hoops lesson -  it is more fun! (LKS2)

I think it being a bit longer would help. (UKS2)


Do you ask RHE questions outside lessons? How do you do this?

We have a ‘Wonders and Worries box’.  I’ve used it once and had my question answered! ; I can put my hand up if I have a question to ask. (LKS2)

Not really, but it is useful when I’ll need it in the future. (UKS2)



Additional Documentation

RHE Long Term Plan