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What's been happening in Adventurers/Investigators.


Adventurers/Investigators 2020/21

  • This week the children have explored North, East, South and West around the school grounds. They followed a treasure hunt and needed to identify N, E, S and W using a compass.
  • We had a fantastic time at Shaldon Zoo on Wednesday!
  • We had a wonderful trip this week visiting Ness Beach and Shaldon Zoo. The children had a brilliant time and the weather held out for us which was lovely. We started the day on the beach drawing landscapes pictures and building sandcastles.
  • We have been on a walk around school identifying microhabitats and the minibeasts and plants that live in them. We needed to say why these minibeasts were suited to these microhabitats and what benefits they provided.
  • This week we have been developing our knowledge of creating a word document.
  • This week the children have continued their fantastic athletics, learning how to jump from either foot and land with bent knees.
  • We have had a great first week back! The children have been learning about habitats in their science and how to use word processor in computing.
  • We’ve been really busy this week and managed to fit in an entire day food technology. We planned, made, ate and evaluated sandwiches and fruit kebabs.
  • On Wednesday, we developed our food technology skills by making a healthy lunch.
  • This week has seen the class evaluate Easter Egg boxes and say what they have found eye-catching about different designs. They then went on to design their own boxes for a specific age group, such as Key Stage 1 or Reception.
  • Adventurers have worked really hard this week. We had music with Mrs Price, who recapped crotchets and asked us to identify the pulse of a piece of music.
  • This week has been British Science Week and we have celebrated this by having a fun lesson that involved children recording and analysing hand sizes of people of different ages.
  • We have enjoyed dressing up today to raise money for Red Nose Day!
  • To celebrate British Science Week, we carried out an investigation on Wednesday.
  • This week we have started our science topic looking at animals including humans. We are looking at the five main animal groups and classifying animals that we know.
  • We have had a fantastic first week back.
  • We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day on Thursday!
  • During the last week of half term, we visited Newton Abbot Museum and Newton Abbot Library.
  • This week we have been introducing the children to the Wright Brothers.
  • To celebrate Internet Safety Day, we read an e-book about DigiDuck!
  • This week during gymnastics we learnt about the pike position. We looked at how it is performed and used in flight.
  • We have been learning about outcomes in Computing.
  • This week the children have learnt the straddle position in gymnastics.
  • This week, Lisa Price taught a Music lesson in each Year 1/2 class.
  • This week has seen the children identifying parts of a plant for Science and why they are important.
  • We’ve had an extremely busy week this week. The children have started to develop and build on their gymnastic skills in PE lessons.
  • On Wednesday, we had a morning of Christmas crafts!
  • This week we have been creating prints from our own drawings. We first had to draw a Christmas picture on a piece of thin foam.
  • This week has seen us continue our printing in Art. We have progressed to making our own prints out of cardboard before printing into our books.
  • This week, we have been exploring our school grounds looking for human and physical features.
  • This week we took part in our Inter House Competition.
  • This week, we started our Art unit by exploring printing techniques.
  • This week, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.
  • This week we have made weather vanes to tell us which direction the wind is blowing!
  • Today, to finish our topic learning about pirates, we went on a treasure hunt around school.
  • On Monday, Alex from Devon Waste came into school to deliver a workshop called 'Plastic Pirates'.
  • Year one have been enjoying their Forest School sessions on Wednesday afternoon.
  • This half term, we have been learning how to take good quality photographs in our Computing lessons.
  • Today, Investigators enjoyed trying the new equipment on the school grounds!
  • We had a fantastic day today taking part in a range of activities in the Village Festival!
  • We had fun flying the kites we made!
  • In phonics, children have been finding their sound buttons in a range of words.
  • In DT we have been testing suitable materials to make a kite!
  • KS1 have been working really hard on our handwriting.
  • This week we had a music session with Kip!
  • In art, KS1 have created their own looms and have been weaving with wool this week.
  • This week we made a paper sculpture.
  • KS1 have been investigating materials this week as the introduction to their topic.
  • This week we have been learning about symmetry.
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