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What's been happening in Adventurers/Investigators.


Adventurers/Investigators 2020/21

  • Today, to finish our topic learning about pirates, we went on a treasure hunt around school.
  • On Monday, Alex from Devon Waste came into school to deliver a workshop called 'Plastic Pirates'.
  • Year one have been enjoying their Forest School sessions on Wednesday afternoon.
  • This half term, we have been learning how to take good quality photographs in our Computing lessons.
  • Today, Investigators enjoyed trying the new equipment on the school grounds!
  • We had a fantastic day today taking part in a range of activities in the Village Festival!
  • We had fun flying the kites we made!
  • In phonics, children have been finding their sound buttons in a range of words.
  • In DT we have been testing suitable materials to make a kite!
  • KS1 have been working really hard on our handwriting.
  • This week we had a music session with Kip!
  • In art, KS1 have created their own looms and have been weaving with wool this week.
  • This week we made a paper sculpture.
  • KS1 have been investigating materials this week as the introduction to their topic.
  • This week we have been learning about symmetry.
  • This week in our science lessons we made trump cards.
  • KS1 have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes this week.
  • On Friday we helped celebrate Red Nose Day by dressing as Super Heroes! It was great fun to dress up!
  • Over the last two weeks we have been learning about using figurative language to help us write our own poem!
  • This week. KS1 have been inputting algorithms into a computer.
  • Adventurers and Investigators have enjoyed being back as a whole class. This week, we have learnt many new things.
  • Year 2 children had a great final session at Forest School this week.
  • We have been learning about balances in our gymnastics lessons.
  • Children had a wonderful day celebrating their learning and learning new facts about Madagascar.
  • Children were able to use their design and technology skills and own imagination to create a range of Christmas crafts.
  • This weeks forest school was so much fun!
  • KS1 have started creating our own PowerPoint presentations this week in our computing lessons.
  • The children had a great time at Forest School this week!
  • This week, KS1 have been solving calculations.
  • Today we had a class assembly about staying safe.
  • This week for Anti Bullying Week, we talked about how to keep ourselves safe.
  • This week, we have started looking at how we can use bar models to help with our calculations.
  • Today we remembered...
  • In DT the children learnt how to make a moving picture.
  • KS1 children have been investigating reflective symmetry this week.
  • KS1 children have written a report about how Claire hurt her knee on the way home from the park.
  • Today the children enjoyed role playing scenes taken from famous pictures of Florence Nightingale.
  • Today we had a fantastic forest school session in the sun!
  • We have been reading the story 'On the Way Home' by Jill Murphy. We have found that she is a fantastic author who uses some wonderful adjectives within her writing.
  • Our KS1 children have been busy using the facts and skills that they have learnt through the week during their continued provision time.
  • KS1's phonics lessons are in full swing, with the children continuing to learn how to read and write.
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