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  • KS1 were visited by a scientist from Recycle Devon today, who taught them all about what happens in our compost bins!
  • KS1 have been using fair tests to explore their senses,
  • KS1 have been experimenting with time!
  • KS1 took part in Interhouse Games this morning, working together in their house teams to score as many points as they could!
  • KS1 had a fantastic time for this year's WBD, We shared our favourite books and had some special visitors read with us!
  • The Year 2s have been composers this morning as they wrote and performed their own music using high, middle and low pitches.
  • KS1 celebrated SID 2024 by looking back at electronic gadgets through history and learning about how to stay safe through stories.
  • As part of our RHE learning KS1 had a visit from the dentist
  • KS1 have been learning about identifying different plants and different parts of plants.
  • KS1 learnt the story of David and Goliath
  • KS1 have been out around the school looking for plants to draw and identify.
  • KS1 have been learning about important symbols in Judaism and went on a hunt for symbols they can see around our school.
  • Christmas jumpers, Christmas dinner, Christmas crafts...Christmas has landed in KS1!
  • An amazing performance from all our KS1 children for this year's Nativity.
  • Year 1 have been consolidating their knowledge of sorting 2D shapes.
  • KS1 had a special visitor from our local church today to help us learn more about our RE topic this half term.
  • Year 1 explored the playground to find 2D shapes.
  • KS1 have got to the make part of the their DT project this half term- making their weather vane.
  • Year 1 children have been subtracting in their Maths lessons and today they used a new strategy - a number line.
  • KS1 children have been using leaves to create autumnal pictures.
  • KS1 had their annual Interhouse Games competition today.
  • KS1 have started their Art topic this half term by exploring printing with found objects.
  • KS1 learnt about why pirates flew certain flags on their boats and what they meant before designing and making their own.
  • Year 1 children have been discovering and exploring the music of Gustav Holst.
  • The KS1 children have been inspired by different artists to paint their own pictures digitally.
  • KS1 visited Paignton Zoo
  • Bouncing to raise funds
  • The first Forest School of the new year for our Year 1s.
  • Today we went on a 'Season Walk' looking for signs that would help us find out what season we are in.
  • Year 2 are really enjoying their Place Value unit in Maths and have been using base ten to partition numbers to 100.
  • The Investigators worked in teams to find out which shape wand would make the biggest bubble.
  • The children in Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed a workshop today, from cultural champion Sandhya Dave, all about Hinduism!
  • The children in KS1 were delighted to welcome Reverend Carol and Peter from St. John's Church as they learnt more about religion in their community.
  • KS1 children were treated to a visit from the author, illustrator and poet Kev Payne.
  • This week the KS1 made seed paper out of scrap paper and bee friendly wildflower seeds to share with our community
  • We have been getting messy in KS1 making our own seed paper!
  • A great time was had by all as we pushed ourselves to be the best we can be!
  • KS1 started the day with a fun and energetic Sports Day!
  • KS1 have created their own hydroponics station to observe some freshly planted beans.
  • We have been having so much fun at the Village Festival!
  • As part of "Our Community" topic this half term KS1 have been planting a pollinator friendly garden to make sure they have enough food and water. This week's focus is "Our Community; Our Environment"
  • This half term, we will be using a computer to create music on Chrome Music Labs!
  • In literacy this week, the children have been revisiting instructions and recapping the key features we need to include, including imperative verbs, time conjunctions and adverbs.
  • KS1 finished their Materials Art unit with a final piece showing off their weaving, drawing and dyeing skills.
  • The Investigators enjoyed flying their finished kites that they have been designing and making in DT this half term.
  • The children in KS1 showed off all of their design and technology skills to create their final diamond kites this week!
  • KS1 took up the challenge of constructing a bridge strong enough to support the weight of a toy car - there were a few conditions involved though...
  • Year 1 children have been using their knowledge of sharing to solve problems involving sharing equally into groups.
  • The Year 1s showed off their grouping knowledge today in our Maths lesson as they made groups.
  • Finishing touches were applied to our weaved mats from last week to make underwater scenes.
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