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What's been happening in Explorers.



  • As part of our Jigsaw unit about 'Healthy Me!' we having been finding out about the importance of exercise.
  • Celebrating Chinese New Year has been a great way to end a fun filled half term!
  • Today we explored keeping safe online.
  • We found a basket of ingredients and a recipe to help us make our own porridge.
  • Following on from our key text, The Three Bears, the children were invited to bring their bears and soft toys to school.
  • This week we came in from p!ay to find that someone had tasted the Three Bears Porridge!
  • In Explorers, we so look forward to library time!
  • As part of our RE learning we have been thinking about how amazing our world is and exploring the Christian belief that God created the world.
  • Help! The penguins are trapped in the ice, how can we get them out?
  • An aptly named game for the chilly weather this week!
  • The children were very excited this week to discover a penguin had arrived in class and had lots of ideas about where he had come from and how we could help him!
  • The Explorers got creative this morning making festive hats to wear for their Christmas dinner. A highlight was spending time with their buddies and exchanging handmade cards!
  • The Explorers enjoyed getting creative for Christmas with their families!
  • As a hook into our new literacy text, the children were amazed to discover a sleepy bear in our role play!
  • Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of light over darkness.
  • To kickstart ‘Anti Bullying’ week we came to school wearing odd socks. It was a great opportunity to celebrate what makes each of us special and unique.
  • The Explorers had a super time taking part in their first house competition.
  • In our class we love to celebrate what makes us special and to celebrate our differences!
  • Inspired by the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, we created our own pumpkin art and prints.
  • The Explorers were super Stickatops's, learning how to use the peelers and knives with safety and control.
  • During snack time this week we enjoyed 'noticing' and tasting a selection of breads from around the world.
  • This week we have been exploring simple patterns. We learnt that a pattern is a repeated unit.
  • The Explorers have been working hard to develop their finger muscles ready to be super writers!
  • The Explorers have enjoyed guessing who's who when looking at our baby photos!
  • The Explorers were great at bouncing to raise money during our Bounce Off today!
  • Developing and promoting oracy is is one of our key priorities in EYFS.
  • The Explorers have really enjoyed sharing their 'Little Bag of Me' with their friends. It has been lovely to see their baby photos and to hear about their interests and what is special to them!
  • Hello new Explorers!
  • To celebrate their brilliant learning this term, the Explorers enjoyed taking part in a special pirate day.
  • The Explorers had great fun, out on their walk to the postbox. They were very excited to post their invitation to our Pirate Party, next Monday!
  • The Explorers have been working hard, creating their mixed media entries for the art show.
  • Today we started to think about holidays now and long ago. We talked about different entertainment people enjoyed when visiting the seaside.
  • Explorers were inspired to write their own poem titled 'This is not a circle....' after listening to Kev Payne's assembly this morning!
  • The rain certainly added to the fun at forest school yesterday!
  • Much excitement has been had watching the caterpillars munch away on their food!
  • The Explorers were amazing 'Tryatops' today during a fun filled morning of sports day activities!
  • Explorers, guess what arrived tonight?! The wait is finally over!
  • We are working hard to develop the muscles in our fingers to help us hold our pencils and become amazing writers.
  • The Explorers had two days of fun filled activities at the village festival this week!
  • Thursday 8th June was World Ocean Day for schools and the Explorers enjoyed learning about the importance of caring for our oceans as well as getting surf-fit with Pazzy Pongo!
  • This half term we are exploring our local community from Bishopsteignton to Teignmouth.
  • We have had an industrious day weeding, planting and taking care of our school environment.
  • It has been lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine and get out and about in our school grounds to hunt for Minibeasts!
  • The Explorers were so excited to have a visit from Shaldon Zoo and to have hands on experience of Giant Land Snails. Hissing Cockroaches and Stickinsects!
  • Each week our 'Special Person' has the opportunity to take our class toy, Harry, home for the weekend!
  • The Explorers had fun getting crafty for the Coronation celebrations!
  • We had great fun exploring St John's church today!
  • This half term in PSED we are talking about relationships.
  • As a hook into our next learning focus about growing, Al our caretaker, sent us a mystery package to explore and investigate!
  • This half term in music we are fortunate to have Lisa Price, a specialist music teacher.
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