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History at Bishopsteignton aims to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past in local, national and worldwide contexts. Our topics are informed by the national curriculum and are sensitive to our pupil’s interests, as well as the context of the local area, using the knowledge and expertise of our local community to enrich learning. Pupils will use empathy to consider what life was like for different people at different times. As our pupils develop their sense and understanding of chronology they will be able to make links between significant events, ask increasingly perceptive questions and retain invaluable knowledge and facts that will stay forever.



Pupil Voice


"You have to learn about the past so that you can change the future." (UKS2)


"I loved to learn about tools and how to make an arrow because you could imagine what life was like for Stone Age people." (LKS2)


"I love history lessons because you can ask questions and find the answers out for yourselves." (LKS2)


"History is important because there were important people that helped us in the past and changed the way the world is." (KS1)


"I am learning about now and then. I used to be a baby but lots changes when you over time!" (EYFS)


Additional Documentation

History Progression Map Cycle B