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What's been happening in Pioneers/Inventors.


Pioneers/Inventors 2020/21

  • Children have taken part in Bounce Off to raise funds for Forest School.
  • This week Inventors and Pioneeers have been super historians!
  • In Years 5 and 6, we have been continuing our studies on the Anglo-Saxons. This week, we played a game to highlight where the different tribes came from when they invaded and where they landed in Britain.
  • Inventors and Pioneers have been developing their Tag Rugby skills in PE lessons.
  • This week in Literacy we have been reading the story of Beowulf.
  • We are studying Earth and space in our lessons this half term.  
  • This week in art we have been progressing our drawing skills.
  • Children in Inventors and Pioneers have made an excellent start our new school year and have settled very quickly into their new classes. What an amazing first week back we have all had!
  • Pioneers and Inventors had a visitor from the Fire Service today.
  • This week in Maths we have been looking at nets of 3D Shapes.
  • Year 6 have been enjoying their Forest School activities this half term.
  • We have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) in our recent lessons.
  • This week Inventors and Pioneers worked really hard on their collaborative skills.
  • This week in art we have been looking at collage.
  • This week, we started work to create collages in our Art lessons.
  • Year 5 have had great fun at Forest School the last few weeks!
  • Inventors and Pioneers have enjoyed studying their new 'Animals' topic.
  • This week Pioneers were treated to a concert from a member of the class.
  • In our Art lessons this week, we have been studying the work of Alexander Calder.
  • Inventors and Pioneers recently took part in a competitive benchball tournament.
  • Inventors and Pioneers have been developing their skills in PE.
  • This week in Literacy we shared our biographies with children from Pioneers and Inventors.
  • The theme for British Science Week (11th – 20th March 2022) is ‘Growth’.
  • In PE we have practising different volleyball skills.
  • Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day.
  • Tuesday 8th February was Safer Internet Day.
  • In our topic lessons this week, we have looked historical data to determine if Greek life and achievements influenced the western world.
  • In our recent Science lessons, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance.
  • This week in PE we have been creating out own dances.
  • This week, we have continued our scientific studies about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.
  • In Inventors and Pioneers this half term, composition is our focus in Music lessons.
  • After welcoming everyone back at the start of 2022, Pioneers and Inventors started their new topic about Ancient Greece.
  • Merry Christmas from Inventors and Pioneers.
  • Today was Christmas Crafts Day in Pioneers and Inventors.
  • In DT we have been looking at earthquake proof buildings.
  • Pioneers and Inventors are creating collagraph prints inspired by our study of volcanoes.
  • We have been learning about the Christian idea of Jesus as a Messiah in our RE lessons. 
  • Inventors and Pioneers have been developing their map reading skills in lessons this week.
  • Pioneers and Inventors participated in a Dodgeball Tournament as part of our Inter House Competition.
  • Pioneers and Inventors are learning about light this half term.
  • The theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2021 was 'One Kind Word'.
  • Our focus is Netball this half term.
  • This week, Inventors and Pioneers have studied volcanoes as part of our 'Extreme Earth' topic.
  • Year 5 have demonstrated excellent learning skills this week as they studied Romans in Britain.
  • Pioneers and Inventors have had great fun this week creating their own games in Science.
  • Pioneers and Inventors really enjoyed participating in the sponsored bounce.
  • This week, Pioneers and Inventors are deciding who will represent their class on the School Council.
  • Our scientific work this half term covers the topic of ‘Electricity’.
  • We have started to study the Roman Empire and its impact upon Britain.
  • What a fantastic start to the new term we have had this week!
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