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Bishopsteignton Primary School

Cockhaven Close, Bishopsteignton, Devon TQ14 9RJ

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    News Stories

    • History timeline
      The children linked their previous learning to what had happened at the end of the war.
    • Grenville Experience
      Y6 had an incredible day at Grenville House.
    • Sewing
      Year 5 and 6 practised a variety of new sewing techniques.
    • DT - Balloon powered cars
      Inventors and Pioneers used various materials from home and school to bring their DT projects to life.
    • Spelling Shed
      Seven Royal Bees!
    • Spelling Shed
      Royal Bees at Work!
    • British Science Week
      We have been studying famous Scientists as part of British Science Week.
    • Sports Relief
      Lots of exciting events have been taking place as part of Sports Relief at our school.
    • Handwashing Experts!
      Mrs Axten trained a new team of 'Handwashing Experts' today in our KS2 assembly!
    • Music
      In Music lessons, we are studying the work of the composer John Williams.
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