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    • Seasonal walk
      KS1 have been out on another seasonal walk to see what has changed.
    • Positive Learning Attitude
      In RHE, KS1 have been thinking about positive learning attitudes. What this looks like and what this sounds like.
    • Stover Country Park Trip
      KS1 had a fantastic day out at Stover Country Park learning about and exploring all the different habitats.
    • Collage Creatures
      KS1 have been inspired by Eric Carle's collage art to create their own under the sea themed collages.
    • Devon Cricket
      This week we were visited by a coach from Devon Cricket.
    • KS1 Park Trip
      A morning of fun in the park for KS1!
    • Minbeast Hunt
      KS1 have been finding out about the minibeast in our school grounds.
    • What's in our compost?
      KS1 were visited by a scientist from Recycle Devon today, who taught them all about what happens in our compost bins!
    • Testing our senses
      KS1 have been using fair tests to explore their senses,
    • British Science Week 2024
      KS1 have been experimenting with time!
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