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What are we trying to achieve here with, and through, our science curriculum?  

Science at Bishopsteignton is built on a foundation of enquiry based learning. We will foster children’s curiosity and encourage them to ask their own questions and theorise their own means of answering them. This fundamental skill of working scientifically will be developed throughout their journey as learners, building on their prior knowledge and enthusiasm. We aim to embed knowledge, understanding and skills using a variety of approaches enabling children to problem solve, encouraging children to think, rather than just remember.

Pupil Voice


Do you enjoy Science lessons?  Why?

“Yes, because we write and draw a lot in lessons.” “Yes!  I really loved planting the seeds and we’re watching them grow each week!” (KS1)


“Yes, we learn about new things.” “We do experiments and I really like to learn!” (LKS2)

“Yes, because I get to find out new things that I did not know before and it’s fun to do with my friends.”  “ Yes, as I enjoy learning new things and making sense of the things that happen around us.”  “Yes, because you learn about amazing things like animals and physics experiments.” (UKS2)


What helps you with your learning in Science?


“That it’s lots of fun!  We use information sheets; I don’t know what I’d do without them!”  “How much input my teacher does; I just listen as much as I can!” (KS1)

“The Knowledge Organiser and nonfiction books help me.  I have a big book at home about fossils that I like to read.”  “The Knowledge Organiser helps to explain ideas.”  (LKS2)


“The videos and my friends because the videos give me a better understanding of what I am doing.”  “My previous learning (in school and sometimes at home) and knowledge about Science helps me with my learning.”   (UKS2)


Which has been your favourite lesson? Why?


“Plants. My Dad is growing blue carrots at home!”  “Seeds - I ask lots of questions in the class.”  (KS1)


“Fossil formation because I didn’t know about it… like the actual formation process.”  “ Sound. But I did like shadows as well when you had a torch and would see if it was brighter or darker [to form shadows].” (LKS2)


“My favourite Science lesson was when we made a pumping lungs model as I love being creative.”  “My favourite was the lung experiment because I found it very interesting to know how it works or the research as I enjoyed learning about diverse people.”  “My favourite lesson was friction because I found out how different objects react with different surfaces.”  (UKS2)

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