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What's been happening in Discoverers and Voyagers?



  • This week, the children have been developing their overarm throwing techniques.
  • Discoverers spent some time exploring new, exciting books in the school library and reading with Explorers.
  • The children took part in role play and posed to show snapshots from different parts of the story.
  • We created lifelike paintings of flowers by observing their features closely like real botanists.
  • Voyagers and Discoverers have created two amazing pieces of writing about the searching for specific creatures in our woodland.
  • Year 4 have just returned from our residential trip to Forest and Beach Outdoor Education Centre.
  • Voyagers and Discoverers used all their knowledge of vertebrates to help them classify their choice of creatures from the islands of the UK or New Zealand.
  • The children have been fantastic this week in Maths lessons when looking at parts of whole (decimals and fractions) and demonstrating their understanding in many ways.
  • This week in Science, Discoverers and Voyagers have kicked off the Animals topic by investigating invertebrates.
  • Wow! What incredible artists we have in Voyagers and Discoverers.
  • Today in Design and Technology we were making torches. We used our knowledge and skills from science to help us construct a working circuit, thinking carefully about conductors and insulators to help us.
  • Year 3 and 4 took part in some fantastic Science learning across the week.
  • We have loved to see the children in their wonderful outfits, celebrating their favourite books and authors for World Book Day.
  • Year 4 had brilliant forest school session in the sunshine today and it finally felt like Spring! Yet, still plenty of mud to be found!
  • Isaac Newton light spinners
  • To start of our 'Get inpsired' topic, the children have looked at sculptures of local artist Barbara Hepworth before then exploring how clay can be manipulated and the skills they may need when creating their own sculptures.
  • Year 3 and 4 have been learning about what perimeter is and how to use different calculation skills to solve perimeter problems.
  • As part of our topic: Worldwide History, we have been finding out what food the Ancient Maya used to eat and how they grew the food or hunted it.
  • In English this week, the children used many skills to research facts about the Ancient Mayas to help them write their own information page.
  • The children have been learning different types of shots used in the game volleyball. This week, they focused on learning the dig shot.
  • This week we looked at different types of loops: infinite loops and count-controlled loops.
  • Discoverers were lucky enough to spend some time exploring some amazing books in the library with some brownies, then travel to Explorers and read with the younger children.
  • WOW! Year 3 had a brilliant first Forest School session where the sun shone and they demonstrated so many of our school values.
  • The children have been using their multiplication and place value knowledge to multiply larger numbers.
  • The children celebrated the end of a brilliant Geography topic by building their own river channel on the grass outside.
  • The children in Voyagers and Discoverers have been set a challenge. They must design and build a model bridge to help Santa get across to his reindeer.
  • Voyagers and Discoverers have been learning about the ‘Trinity’ and why it is important to Christians.
  • In Voyagers and Discoverers this week, we have been using doubling to help with understanding and recall of multiplication facts.
  • As part of our Extreme Earth topic, the children have been developing their map reading skills by looking for river s in the UK.
  • This week in Art, we have explored printing techniques using various materials and tools.
  • The children had a fantastic day learning more about the Victorian period and what this looked like in Teignmouth.
  • In science, this week the children have been learning about their muscles and how they are needed to move.
  • Today, in History we learnt about different aspects of a school day for Victorian children.
  • Discoverers and Voyagers had a blast at the zoo today.
  • The children have helped to raise a fantastic amount of money with all of their bouncing.
  • Today we learned what seaside holidays were like over one hundred years ago, in Victorian times.
  • Voyagers and Discoverers started of the year by learning about the nutrition that animals need to stay healthy.
  • Last week, Sandhya Dave, a Cultural Champion, visited our school to teach us about Hinduism
  • Discoverers and Voyagers had a brilliant day full of activities run by our visiting author, poet and illustrator, Kev Payne.
  • As part of our RE learning and looking at Religion in the community, we were lucky enough to reenact a baptism at St John the Baptist C of E church.
  • Some incredible photographs taken on our trip to the community centre. Well done.
  • This week, Voyagers and Discoverers took part in the Village Festival which included many engaging and fun-filled activities.
  • The children have enjoyed learning about how to edit a picture in Computing.
  • As a start to 'Our Community' Topic, we are looking at our environment and thinking about how to help it.
  • Voyagers and Discovers have been developing their textile skills this term and on Monday, they got to share these skills with adults who came to support.
  • This week, in Science, we have been learning about the water cycle.
  • The children finished their loom weaving projects and evaluated them.
  • The children practised their DT skills as they made a key chain featuring the British flag.
  • This half term, Year 3 have been learning lots about music while playing the glockenspiels.
  • To kick start the topic 'Materials' in science, the children learnt about states of matter and how they behaved.
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