Bishopsteignton Primary School

Cockhaven Close, Bishopsteignton, Devon TQ14 9RJ

01626 775 873

  1. Learning
  2. Curriculum
  3. MFL - French



At Bishopsteignton we will: 

  • Develop children’s interest of learning other languages, stimulating curiosity
  • Embed skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing French
  • Lay foundations for future language learning
  • Develop an awareness of cultural differences



 Our KS2 children have a weekly French lesson of 30-40 minutes. We use a comprehensive scheme of work created by Rachel Hawkes and Dr Marie-Odile Guillou. Following discussions with local secondary schools, we believe this is the scheme best suited to support our children's future language learning. 

We teach three core strands of essential knowledge:  

  1. Phonics – the key components of the sound-writing relationship
  2. Vocabulary – a set of the most frequently used words
  3. Grammar – the essential building blocks required to create simple sentences independently (including gender of nouns, singular and plural forms, adjectives (place and agreement), and the conjugation of key verbs)


The scheme works in a 2 year rolling programme. Phonics and grammar repeat in each phase to support retention, whilst vocabulary varies.  

Cycle A : Jaune et Vert

Cycle B : Rouge et Bleu