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SMSC - Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

At Bishopsteignton Primary School we support children on their individual journeys to become confident, respected and valuable members of society in modern Britain. Our weekly assemblies encourage children to reflect on their responsibilities and beliefs in relation to the five core British Values - individual liberty; tolerance; democracy; mutual respect; and rule of law. These values, alongside our own school values, are at the core of our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

Individual liberty

"Individual liberty is important because it lets us get creative. It allows us to come up with new ideas. It also allows us to express our feelings."

Mutual respect

All staff promote equality and fairness. Children are supported in understanding how their behaviours can impact on others. A recent focus has been how children can demonstrate respect for themselves, each other and towards all adults.


Through our curriculum, children explore and experience a range of different beliefs, religions and viewpoints. Diversity was the focus of our last anti-bullying week where we explored the concept of everybody being different and the importance of accepting this.

Rule of law

Children at Bishopsteington are involved in creating class charters, helping to decide on new agreements to keep us happy and safe. We have even written our own behaviour policy.


Our school council is a fantastic example of democracy. We also use the democratic process to elect members of our other pupil leadership groups. Bi-annually, children in years 5 and 6 visit parliament to learn more about democracy in Britain.

Extreme views

"An extreme view is when you believe something passionately." "You can strongly agree or disagree with something. It comes in other aspects such as religion and much, much more!"

School Values 


We encourage collaboration in all areas of school life. We recognise and value the way that our children, staff and parents work together.


"Curiosity is one of our values because without it we couldn't push ourselves to be the best we can be!"


Children at Bishopsteignton are aware of current local and global events through our weekly news sessions. Reflections show how children throughout the school empathise with others. This is also demonstrated through out support of various charities identified by the children.

High Expectations

Our motto "Believe in ourselves; be the best we can be!" reflects our high expectations. This doesn't just apply to learning, but our behaviour, relationships and aspirations for the future too.


Teaching strategies promote resilience and independence. All lessons have an element of challenge, requiring children to demonstrate resilience on a daily basis.


"I think self-belief also relates to kindness because you have to believe in yourself to be kind to someone else."