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  2. Adventurers / Investigators 2019/20

Adventurers / Investigators

What's been happening in Adventurers/Investigators.



  • We learnt some funky moves today during our Sports Relief session.
  • KS1 learnt how to wash hands like doctors and nurses this week in their PSHE lessons.
  • This week we started to look at the sculptures of the artist Giacommetti.
  • We have been reading 'The Lonely Sea Dragon' by Helen Dunmore.
  • 'oy' sound.
  • At Forest School this week we learnt about habitats. We looked at some habitats of the creatures that lived in the woods and then we had a go at building nests!
  • Smugglers' Lane and Smugglers' Tunnel.
  • We learnt about habitats this week in our Science lessons.
  • This week we have been learning how to share and group numbers.
  • We had great fun at forest school. We spent time working together. We hunted for smooth, rough, long and squishy things! We look forward to next week...
  • The children had to show equal groups in different ways.
  • Thank you to all volunteers and FOBS for your contributions!
  • The children built fantastic bridges for the 'River Thames', considering which materials were the most suitable for purpose according to different properties.
  • The children have learnt the countries and capital cities of the UK. They have now begun process of learning the continents and oceans of the world.
  • Some of the children have begun to partition numbers into columns.
  • The children have become very confident at representing the same number in different ways!
  • We have been very busy making items for our wall displays. The children had lots of ideas including a 3D lighthouse, a zip wire and flapping seagulls! Today a "real" seagull came to visit!
  • Mr Grinling managed the time to visit! The children asked lots of questions, such as 'How did you manage to put up the zip wire?!' Mr Grinling was very surprised on his arrival because there were so many Hamish the cats! He is only used to one Hamish!
  • Today we explored materials. The children sorted the materials into different groups, choosing their own criteria. They then had to explain how they had sorted their items.
  • Learning a Sea Shanty
  • Our map of Teignmouth including landmarks!
  • We have learnt about landmarks on our school playground and Teignmouth town to make maps. We have now learnt about London landmarks ready for a map of Great Britain.
  • We have been learning about wholes being made up of parts!
  • The children have been very excited to prepare and eat fruit kebabs. They used melon, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. They couldn't wait to eat them!
  • Both classes have been enjoying their weekly music with Kip.
  • This week we have made our rainbow fruit kebabs!
  • Winners announced in celebration assembly!
  • Well done to all children who did presentations!
  • Last week we looked at landmarks in Teignmouth. We found the pier, the sea, the shops, the pavilions and much more!
  • We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks in Investigators class and have really enjoyed immersing ourselves in our class text "The Wind that Blew"
  • We have been focussing on what feeling proud means and how it helps us with our learning.
  • The children have been excited to back! Already fantastic collaborative learning! We have made props in preparation for acting out our core text 'The Wind Blew' by Pat Hutchins, Ask your child which props we need...a kite? A hanky? A balloon?
  • We have had time in our new September classes this week!
  • Caring for our allotment!
  • We created out very own 'fun fest'!
  • The children enjoyed relaxing in the reading tent!
  • We have had lots of fun making PowerPoints about kingfishers this week.
  • In Adventurers Class we have be preparing for our otter poems! Otter is a 'lost word'.
  • Have you heard about our Year 2 children competing along with children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 in our summer TTRS competition?
  • Having fun on Sports Day!
  • The Adventurers had lots of fun preparing for this race. Well done to the children for remembering to do their 'dingle dangle scarecrow dance' at the end of their turn!
  • Dawn, who manages the allotments, talked to us about what plants need to grow. We had the opportunity to handle some vegetables (lettuce and beans) that Dawn had grown from seed. We also smelt some basil!
  • Both classes are making scarecrows for our 'allotment'. Next task is to name the scarecrows!
  • The children have loved the story 'Hansel and Gretel'. We have made props to help us act out the story. We used the trees outside to pretend we were walking through the woods! Fabien found some small stones for 'Hansel' to leave along the pathway!
  • We discussed what plants need to grow and survive and wondered what would happen if a plant didn't have everything they needed. Plants need room to grow so we decided to put one plant in a very small plant pot to to see what happens!
  • The RNLI came to visit us today!
  • 3D shape building
  • This week we have been using lots of different resources and tools to make our own Gingerbread houses!
  • We went on a shape hunt this week.
  • We made shape gingerbread houses. We discovered a new shape called a 'quadrant'! Harry wanted to know what you call a cylinder if you cut it down the middle! We thought maybe a 'semi circular prism'?! What do you think?
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