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    Report Writing

    22 October 2020 (by admin)

    KS1 children have written a report about how Claire hurt her knee on the way home from the park.

    The children needed to remember to write using their non-negotiables whilst also making sure that they had written in the past tense. There were many way that Claire had said that she had hurt her knee...

    One fine morning a ghost swooped to Claire and she ran. Suddenly a wolf came to her and caught her. (Charlie, Year 1)

    Suddenly, a vast flying saucer swooped down for her and a guard for their kingdom came but she struggled through and she fell for miles. That's how she got her bad knee. (Charlie, Year 2)

    After that, Claire had met a slithering snake. It came sliding down the tree and it squashed and squeezed her but Claire tickled it and it dropped her. That's how she got her bad knee! (Daisy, Year 2)

    Ask your child how Claire REALLY hurt her knee...