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    Internet Safety Day - Talk About It

    7 February 2023 (by admin)

    KS1 came together to talk about Internet Safety.

    The Adventurers and the Investigators came together to talk about how they use the internet, discussing what they enjoy and the different ways that they can access it. We spoke about what happens when it isn't fun, when we come across or see things that might upset us or make us feel unhappy and what we can do about it. The children discussed who they can talk to and how important it is to speak up and talk to someone. Chatting with our friends about what we all enjoy doing online can be great fun and a lovely way to make our friendships stronger. We can have the same kind of conversations with the adults we know and trust too!  We can talk to our parents, carers, teachers, and any other adult who looks after us about our favourite things to do online and share our top online safety tips to see what they think. The more we talk about the things we see and do online, the easier it is for us all to support each other. It also means that if something ever does go wrong, it’s even easier to find someone to help.