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    World Book Day at Bishop

    2 March 2023 (by admin)

    Children in KS1 had a fantastic day celebrating their love of books.

    KS1 was taken over by our favourite book characters today. We had everything from wizards to witches, little girl geniuses to superheroes and even some cats, wolves and a whale with some snails on her tail! These book characters enjoyed a day filled with activities linked to reading and sharing their favourite books. We had some amazing designs for their dream school library with suggestions of a marshmallow cushion that you could nibble on as you read, a slide to get you from book shelf to book shelf and even books that could let you taste what the story is about! The best bit of our day was when our parents and carers came in to share books with us, we snuggled up in corners, sat round tables and spread out across the floor sharing our love for reading.