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    The crosses on the mound

    10 March 2023 (by admin)

    The Investigators have been asking the question 'Can I explain why the cross is an important symbol for Christians?'

    The children created these beautiful scenes of the crosses on the mound before decorating Jesus' cross with words that they felt were important to represent how Christians felt about the cross. This lead to further discussion about the symbolism of the cross and why and how it is important to Christians.

    Amelle - I chose the word thankful because the people whose sins he paid for were thankful.

    Albie - I chose the word hope because Jesus gave hope to all the people who might make a mistake.

    Edith - I chose the word love because Jesus taught the people about love and how to love each other.

    Elodie - I chose the word special because I think someone special is on the cross and that person is Jesus.

    William G - The cross is an important symbol to Christians because they can remember Jesus and that he died for all the bad things that people had done. It shows that he is caring and his love.