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    Learning about plants in KS1

    21 March 2023 (by admin)

    The children have come to the end of their plant investigations, they have been looking at their results and forming some final conclusions.

    Today the children took their final observation of their sunflowers and looked at the final result of their germination investigation. The children were pleased that their predictions had been correct although they were surprised that the seeds had germinated in the dark. "The cress is light and the leaves are tiny" noted Bear, as his team came to the conclusion that plants grew better in the light rather than the dark. Evie observed that "the plants that had the most water had more seeds that germinated and the seeds that only had the water from the soil at the beginning didn't". William noticed that "the seeds that were in the fridge have not even germinated" as his team of scientists concluded that seeds need heat to germinate.