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Friends of Bishopsteignton School (FOBS)

Read on to find out more about the brilliant work of FOBS or get in touch:

What is FOBS?
FOBS is the Friends of Bishopsteignton School. We are a voluntary fundraising committee made up of parents from children at the school, members of the school staff, a representative from the governors and other interested people from the community.

What does FOBS do?
FOBS raises money for the benefit of the children at Bishopsteignton School. The school budget (especially with the current cuts) only goes so far, so the money FOBS raises goes towards additional items and treats. We raise funds by organising events throughout the school year, such as the Summer and Christmas Fayres, discos, and cake days.

What has FOBS paid for so far?
In recent years we have helped by contributing to the library, updating playground equipment and matting, helped towards the cost of a new classroom, bought cameras for each class, contributed towards Chromebooks, as well as paid for leavers' books and contributed towards leavers' hoodies. FOBS also give money to each class every year to spend as they wish.

How can you help?
FOBS are always on the look out for new members. We usually meet every half term and alternate meetings between after school and evenings to try and accommodate everyone's working patterns. Meetings are spent planning fundraisers and discussing how we can spend the money we have raised. Without a strong committee, we're unable to organise many events which impacts on how much extra money can be spent on extras for the school and ultimately our children.

The events we organise are for the benefit of the children too - the discos ae hugely enjoyed by them as are the school fayres, which all give the children a great opportunity to go around independently and have their own money to spend in a safe environment. It doesn't matter if you can't commit to every meeting or if you don't want to commit to a role, often we just need willing helpers to support on the day of events. At the very least, please support our fundraisers by spending as much money as you can afford.

FOBS 100 Club

The FOBS 100 Club is our school lottery, where 40% of the income goes out in monthly cash prizes and 60% goes to the school to fund activities and resources for our children to enjoy.
Every month there are three cash winners and the cost to enter is just £1 a month.  You can have two numbers per household and if grandparents, aunts and uncles want to get involved too, they can. To purchase your number please email Lyndsey at


What are cake days?
On a cake day we ask the children from one of the classes to bring in cakes (preferably homemade as these go like 'hot cakes'), but bought cakes as also appreciated. Anything goes, flapjacks, fairy cakes, rice crispy cakes, gingerbread men, muffins, slices of lemon cake, etc. FOBS members and parents of the class whose turn it is to bring in the cakes run the stall, which is usually held in the playground after school or in the hall if it's raining.

We send out reminders the week before the cake day so you know when it's your turn to donate cakes and so you can remember to bring in change to buy your family lots of yummy cakes! Each cake is sold for around 30p and we usually raise between £50-£80 each cake day.

How do you find out more?
We send out a FOBS newsletter once in a while to keep you up-to-date with planned events and what help we'd like for the events or what you can do to support us. We send out reminders for each of our meetings and everyone is welcome to attend - we'd love to see some new faces!

Who do you contact for further information?
The current FOBS members are always listed on the newsletters and also on the website. You can also speak to Mr Killoran who can put you in touch with one of us, or ask around on the playground - someone you know probably knows one of us - we're a small school! Please feel free to approach any of us if you'd like more information or have any questions or suggestions.


FOBS Members

Chair: Lucy Bishop
Vice Chair: Rob Court
Treasurer & 100 Club: Lyndsey Harvey
Secretary: Sam Yeadon
Second Hand School Uniform Shop: Amy Briggs          Newsletters: 
School rep: Dave Killoran
Governor rep: 
Other members:
Amy Edwards, Emma Kelly, Sharon Venning, Gemma Neale, Louis Hamston, Helen Hamston,  Julia Fuell, Julia Northcott, 

School library after its extension funded by FOBS
School library after its extension funded by FOBS