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We will not set homework the rest of term. Thank you for all your support this year. Please continue to bring in any home learning for 'show and tell'. The children love it! Please continue to read every day for at least five minutes with your child.

Reading books are changed every Tuesday and Friday. Don't forget Reading Record Books!

If you think your child is on the wrong book band then please let us know. We listen to the children read in school but we really value your input as well.


Well done to this week's merit recipients:



Please ensure your child has their FULL PE kit in school. 




What's Coming Up?


Parent Teacher Discussions.

Wednesday 5th July and Thursday 6th July

Last Day of term 21st July.



What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

Monday 26th June - Friday 30th June 2017

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The Adventurers and Investigators had a wonderful time on the beach on Monday. We learnt about beach safety. We built dens in our teams of 6. This helped us with our team work and problem solving skills. To add to the fun we pretended we were on a desert island and made an SOS sign out of pebbles! We made a fire ad cooked marshmallows. We also had 'free time' to explore the beach. Some of us dug streams leading to the sea, some of us enjoyed chatting in our dens and some of us made sandcastles. Thank you Ali for organising the day! Ali was very impressed with our behaviour and enthusiasm to learn, which we are very proud of.

Also a big thank you to all our parent volunteers. We could not have gone without your support! We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Also a big thank you to the MTAs who came in early to make our packed lunches.

Beach School Monday 26th June 2017

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Beach Safety Talk

Curriculum Celebration 23rd June 2017

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Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June

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This week we are going to carry on making our class newspaper thinking about all the things we have learnt over the last year. What can we remember? What did we enjoy? What did we achieve?

Thank you for all the homework telling us your achievements! It was lovely to learn more about you all.

We will learn how to make jam sandwiches this week. We will try and give each other clear instructions on what to do. Hopefully the parents will be able to follow our instructions on Friday when we have our curriculum celebration at 2.30pm.

We our still learning different ways to make number lines. We are getting very good at writing our own number lines to solve real life problems.

On Thursday it is The Adventurers Forest School Day!

Everyone took a letter home with them  last week about our trip to the ness beach where we will have a Beach School Day! We will need lots  of adults to help us so would welcome volunteers!

Science Investigation! What do plants need to grow?

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In both classes we have been carrying out an investigation to see what plants need to grow.

Our big questions was:

Do all plants need soil to grow?

We discovered that our beans didn't! But they definitely needed water. We were left wondering how long the beans would carry on growing without soil. What do you think?

We made a few mistakes along the way, but it didn't matter as we learnt from it! One group forgot to put a bean in the soil! One of the beans that we weren't meant to water got left outside in the rain.Someone had the idea that we could use a slow motion camera to film the bean growing.

Monday 12th June to Friday 16th June

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We have had a lovely couple of days getting involved with activities at the village festival. We went to trails around the village, built dream catchers, made mini beast clay models, collages with fabric and learnt lots of interesting facts about beans! This was quite lucky as our topic as been about plants and the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We also had been learning about mini beats in class so it was really exciting to get to make mini beast clay models. A big thank you from Adventurers and Investigators to those who taught us!

We loved singing to everyone at the end of the week and were very proud of our performance. We had practised a lot in class and we could hear people singing around the school! We would like to say well done to the older children for doing a brilliant puppet and dance show!

We are very lucky to be part of a great community!

Monday 5th June - Friday 9th June

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This week in maths we have been carrying out investigations on 'number lines'. We have looked at number lines in real life ( tape measures, scales , rulers and thermometers) as well as number lines other schools have used. The children have then made some of their own number lines and have had a great variety of ideas from beanstalks to interactive number lines showing the 50s pattern. Next we will begin to look at how number lines help us to solve problems.

The children have begun to ask questions such as 'Why do we have number lines?' 'Why are some number lines in patterns?' 'Why are some numbers bigger than others?' 'Why do some of them not have numbers?'

In literacy we have agreed to make a class newspaper based upon what we have done in class since September. We will try and remember all the exciting things we have done at school and also celebrate our achievements and why we think we are so awesome.

This will be linked to this weeks homework, talking about and hopefully writing about why we think we are awesome.

We will also carry on with our science investigation on plants; comparing how plants grow I different conditions.

1st May – 5th May

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The children will continue to plant seeds and carry out their investigations entitled ‘What do plants need to grow and stay healthy?’We will agree on ways to begin record our findings.

In numeracy we will carry out activities on fractions in a variety of contexts. Jack and the Beanstalk will definitely be included! If you had ten beans how many would you have left if you shared them equally with a friend?

We will begin the task of planning to write our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have already discussed the main character being a girl living with her dad.  We thought she could be called Georgina. We will plan our own stories using a variety of activities such as pictorial storyboards, drama, story shelves, role play. Thanks to Oliver for donating a large card roll so we can make a class beanstalk! We thought it could be the ogre’s toilet roll! I wonder if anyone has one for the Investigators Class so they can make a beanstalk? When we have completed out stories the Adventurers and Investigators will share their stories and ideas with each other.

The Explorers have offered to come and show us their ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ story map. We are looking forward to seeing it!

24th April – 28th April

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We have had lots of fun writing our character descriptions of the ogre in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children invented their own ogres and we had some very interesting ideas. Apparently he likes to go into town and meet his ogre friends!  He also liked to sleep everyday by the tree. He doesnt like the colour of his skin so he sunbathes every day!

For topic we have begun planting our seeds and planning our investigation. The children were very surprised to see how much seeds vary in size! Lucas B was very surprised by how tiny carrot seeds are.

Week beginning 24th April

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This week we will continue to write our character descriptions of the ogre from Jack and the Beanstalk. The children had some great ideas about what he might say, what he looks like, what he might do. The children designed their own ogres as a starting point and some of them had tails or 4 legs!

In maths we are focussing on measure and began last week by measuring giant foot prints and putting them in order of size. This week we will measure our own pictures of the giant.

We started our topic on the outdoors, exploring the school grounds and spending some time in our new forest school on the field. We were able to identify many common plants and mini beasts.

This week we are beginning our mammoth gardening project! We have lots of ideas and this will help us develop an understanding of what plants need to grow and stay healthy. The children are very excited about this term project!

In PE we learnt good running techniques. We practised running the same distance to see if we could improve our time and then compared each others running techniques. Well done to James in Adventurers class. Fabulous running technique!

27th March - 31st March

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This week we will begin discussions on our new topic, 'The Great Outdoors'. We have already decided our focus will be garden life. If you have any gardening skills or knowledge you would like to share then please let us know!

There will be no phonics or SPAG homework set this Easter holiday, but we will be sending home optional homework for Easter holidays. Don't forget to keep up the reading for 5 minutes a day! Thank you.

Curricululm Celebration

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The children had a lovely time teaching parents skills they had learnt over the term. Thank you to all adults that came. Some great poetry writing. It was lovely to see more homework done by parents arriving the following day!

19th March - 24th March

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An exciting week ahead with our curriculum celebration tomorrow!

Come and find out how a picture tells a thousand words!

The children in each class will tell you about the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. They will explain how they are similar and how they are different!

Don't forget that Friday is Red Nose day!

12th March - 17th March

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In our Literacy this week we will be learning more about the lives of Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will be writing stories about their lives and

we will be investigating how their lives are similar and how their lives are different.

In our Maths we will be looking at ways we can add numbers together and how we can show how we know each calculation is correct.

On Tuesday this week the Yr2's will be attending a FunFest session at TCS. Don't forget your PE kit!

The Yr1's will have an extra PE session with Mr Flint!

Monday 6th March - Friday 10th March 2017

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This week we will be looking at how to represent numbers.  We will build on this by developing the skill of comparing 2 numbers and proving whether they are bigger, smaller or the same. This will then be applied in a variety of contexts such as weight, length or height.


We will begin the week by making our own junk model rocket. This will then support us to write a set on instructions on how to build a rocket. I look forward to seeing the children's inventions!

PE - Don't forget our PE specialist is teaching games on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Some children still do not have a full PE kit in school. It is really important that the children get changed for PE. Thank you for your support.

Mrs Bowden will be in the Adventurers class on Thursday she will be teacher science, focussing on habitats.

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March

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We had a great time on World Book Day. The children loved extra reading time throughout the day and writing poems based on the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit', which was used across the school. The children loved having the adults come in and read with them at the end of the day.

To add to the excitement of the day the fire service acme to visit the year 5s and year 2s! All the year 2s had a special lesson on fire and safety with an expert from the fire service. Booklets to follow next week. Well done to the Investigators and Adventurers. You were very respectful and asked some great questions. Dominic really impressed us with his knowledge of the fire service!

27th February - 3rd March

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The children produced some great ideas for writing a recount on Wallace and Gromit's Grand Day Out! Not only were all the children very motivated but they also produced some excellent work with lots of fun ideas!

The children have worked very hard at describing and comparing shapes. We learn the skill of comparing two shapes and explaining what is the same and what is different. We have had lost of really interesting ideas and really progressed with the use of our mathematical language. Later on in the week we used this knowledge to sort shapes according to properties and making repeated patterns. Well done! All the children worked very hard. Ashla and Hollie amazed us by the amount of work they produced and their enthusiasm to learn. Well done!

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Class Trip to Church
On Friday we will be going to St John's church. Reverend West has kindly offered to walk with us there and back. We have some parent volunteers supporting us already but  it you can spare some time (10.30 - 12.15) on Friday please let Mrs Howe or Mr Williams know.
Thank you for all the photos the children have brought in on Baptism. It has been lovely to share such a special time. We have learnt about Baptism in class and have prepared lots of questions to ask Reverend West. He has told us that he will act out the ceremony in church using a teddy bear! The children have been very enthusiastic learning about this special occasion and cant wait to learn more!
 Unfortunately we had to cancel this trip due to bad weather. We will arrange another date with Reverend West as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who offered to help, it is really appreciated.


21st February - 24th February

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In Literacy this week we began looking at the story Wallace and Gromit's 'Grand Day Out', which involves Wallace and Grommit  building a rocket with the intention to go on a 'cheese holiday' to the moon!
The children have been very enthusiastic about preparing to write their recount and have already decided to change the story by the including Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and aliens in their version!
In Maths we began by sharing our prior knowledge of 3D and 2D shapes and discovered we were shape experts! We also discovered we are proud to say if there are things we find tricky. Ben explained he finds rectangles and squares confusing because they both have four sides. Well done Ben! A great observation.
Jenny discovered tetrahedrons (4 triangular faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges. This lead to the question " If you join two tetrahedrons together which properties change or stay the same?"
In our science Investigators class made grass heads. We considered how by making our grass heads different we would be able to see how well the grass germinates and grows in different conditions. All of our grass heads have been given some water and placed in on our sunny windowsill and we will be keeping a close eye on them looking for the very first signs of growth! Adventurers will be deciding on what plants they wish to grown next week. 
We looked at how different artists have created portraits and self portraits, looking at the different styles, techniques and materials they have used. We then created our very own self portraits!  Well done to Zack who based his design on a picture we had seen by Picasso!