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What's Coming Up?




What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

Summer Term 2018 - Make a Change!

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

Summer Term Topic 2018 - Make A Change

The children have begun this term with endless amounts of enthusiasm for our topic 'Make a Change'. They have been really passionate about ways that we can stop plastic from getting into our oceans. We have made posters to show 'shocking plastic facts' and have begun to write letters to encourage parents to support our campaign to make a change.

We have continued to add to both outside areas in Investigators and Adventurers class. Thank you to FOBs for loaning a Gazebo and also the parents that have donated many items. Please feel free to have a look! The children have really enjoyed sharing books together sitting on the car tyres and love the new dens! We still feel very lucky in Adventurers class to have our new outside space!

The children are really enjoying 'show and tell' and it is lovely to see links to topic in class and the fact the children are taking their learning home! The children are asking each other lovely questions and really developing the skill of listening to each other's ideas. Well done!

Mrs Howe, Mrs Bowden and Miss Bruen.

Wb 19.03.18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

We would like to begin by thanking everyone who was able to attend the Curriculum Celebration on Friday afternoon! This was a great success and the children enjoyed showing off their learning with you! Please make your own volcanoes at home-all you need is bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and a mint. Add some food colouring too to make it extra fancy!

The children enjoyed the disco on Tuesday and we discussed our favourite memories as a class. 

Year 2 visited TCS for Funfest on Wednesday and had fun practising their balancing and trampolining skills. There were also extremely well behaved-Miss Andrews was very proud! 

This week we have been continuing with our writing about Shrek. This has involved making our story-scenes and writing character descriptions in pairs. We focused on our use of adventurous adjectives and produced some fantastic pieces of work. Please stop by to see some of the Investigators work on the display just outside of the classroom!

In maths, we have been focusing on subtraction and how we can use different methods to help us. These include number lines, Numicon and cubes. We have now started to move on to word problems to challenge our learning. 

Next week we look forward to lots of Easter-craft and fun throughout the week :o)

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe

wb 12.03.18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

This week we have been writing about Shrek, including drawing our own story maps. The children enjoyed this activity-as the classroom fell silent as they became engrossed in drawing ogres and dragons! This will help us when we begin our story retell in the coming weeks. We also plan to create story boxes-so if you have any spare cardboard boxes we will be happy to take them off of your hands!

In maths we have been looking at additive reasoning. The children have been focusing on using a number line to solve problems, as well as how to solve missing number problems. We will continue with this in the next week. 

For computing, the children were learning all about algorithms and how this is linked to using computers. We listed our own algorithm for getting to school in the morning, and then typed this up using Word. We each logged in and had a go at doing some basic typing. This was very exciting and the children were brilliant at having a go. 

We have begun to look at Queen Victoria, and have been learning all about her temper and mood swings! Ask your child to tell you some interesting facts they have learnt so far!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe

wb 05/03/18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

We have had an incredibly busy week following the Beast From the East last week!

We have now ended our time looking at capacity, but agreed that the final lesson of exploring different ways of using ml was fun!
We made estimations as to how many ml were in a container and then had to prove it. We ended up slightly soggy but enjoyed the investigation.

We had Science Day on Thursday, and used this time to visit other classes to see what investigations had been going on in the school. We were the experts on the ingredients needed to erupt a volcano and passed this information on to the other children, with our reasons why. For anyone wanting to recreate this experiment-all you need is washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and a mint!
We thought that the sugar in the mint had maybe reacted with the acid in the vinegar, which formed our evaluation.

We have today had World Book Day and our costumes were amazing! We looked at the poem ‘These old shoes’ by Tony Mitton and thought about items of clothing that really mean something to us also. Some children had a go at writing their own poem and we read out our favourites in front of the class.

We look forward to another busy week next week!

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe

wb 19/02/18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

Welcome back to the second half term of Spring! 

We have chosen Shrek as our new focus within Literacy-and it is not only the children who are excited about this!
We began by watching the first part of the film, and then discussed the characters. Investigators worked in groups to record 'awesome adjectives' for Shrek, and the list was impressive! We then created wanted posters for the main character-with an interesting selection of rewards available (lifetime supply of sweets anyone?!).

In music we have been focusing on rhythm and beats. The children used both instruments and their hands to create their own rhythm, which they continued out onto the playground at playtime! 

We are continuing to put together the volcanoes for our science experiment. The children are looking forward to being able to test which liquids will cause the volcano to erupt!

In history, we have now moved away from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Victoria. We will be including ICT by encouraging children to gather simple information and place this into a powerpoint.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe


wb 05/02/18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

Today we conclude another half term and it has flown by!

It is amazing to think of all the learning that has taken place over the last few weeks since Christmas, and this week has certainly not been an exception!

We have been busy making Story Boxes and characters to support our creative writing, and have had lots of fun doing so! There was a buzz of activity and excitement when using these to make up new stories, and as you will see from the pictures below, a great deal of creativity went into creating these. 

The Adventurers began making their volcanoes this week, as part of their science investigation. This was very exciting and again, involved a lot of hard work-and fun!

 We have started a new scheme of music recently, and today the Investigators have been learning all about the Blues. We have been learning about creating a beat and how we can create movements to support this. The children also learnt a song to go with the beat which they were very proud of! 

Have a lovely half term break and we will see you back on the 20th Feb.

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe


wb 22.01.17

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

This week we have spent a lot of time getting to know more about Queen Elizabeth 1. It has been lovely hearing from parents that children have been discussing their learning at home. We have painted portraits of Elizabeth, learnt all about her shoe-throwing antics in whole class guided reading and written our own interview with her. The children even worked in pairs to conduct their interviews (complete with crowns of course!) that were filmed ready to watch back as a class. The children really enjoyed this and added a touch of drama to the occasion! 

We have been mixing paints with a focus on primary and secondary colours. The children have enjoyed experimenting with different shades of colours and experiencing the fun of just getting a bit messy!

We are hoping to create story boxes/freeze frames in the coming week. If you have any spare boxes/small plastic bottles then please drop them off into school as this will all help us with our creative writing opportunities. 

Have a great weekend

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe

wc 15/01/18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

We began the week with science and looking for different materials. We went on a hunt for these in school and enjoyed focusing and what the materials looked and felt like. We also braved the weather conditions (many thanks for providing the crucial wellies-it was a washout!) to look for different materials outside and discussed why they were chosen for that purpose. 

Year 2 have been working hard in SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). They have been playing contraction dominoes and experimenting with noun, verb, adjective and adverb silly stories- (just ask and they would love to show you!)

We have started looking at Queen Elizabeth and have thought of some questions we would like to answer by the end of the topic. We worked in groups to think of these, and have a particular interest in her clothing attire! Why WERE her sleeves so large?! What was the collar around her neck?! Answers to come!

Investigators also began their dance PE lessons this week. They focused on movement and stretches to music, as well as how different muscles work. 

Next week we will be looking at geometry in maths, including 2d and 3d shapes.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe



wc 08.01.18

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

This week we have been writing postcards about the things that we have enjoyed in the first week back at school/recapping our Christmas break. These will be finding their way to you in the post within the week so keep a look out! It was a nice way to begin looking at our topic of Queen Victoria/Queen Elizabeth. We have been learning all about how different schools were back then, and the girls were not impressed with the subjects of sewing and housework!

In maths we have continued to learn our 2/5/10 times tables. We have been looking at doubling numbers using playdough and fabulous drawings of ladybirds.

Year 2 have begun to use a Thesaurus to find absolutely amazing and incredible adjectives! They have really enjoyed this and we hope to see these new words used in their writing soon.

We look forward to science on Monday, which will be looking at different materials found at Forest School, and how we could sort them based on their properties. 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Andrews and Mrs Howe

What an excellent first week back!

admin on: What's been happening in Adventurers & Investigators.

We have been delighted with the children this week, as their batteries have been recharged and their curiosity for learning has been replenished!

In maths we have been looking at counting in 2s and began by listing all things that come in pairs, which the children enjoyed drawing.

It was lovely to hear all about Christmas in a recount of the holidays. Many brussel sprouts were drawn as well as all of the people the children spent time with and of course, the gifts left by santa-apparently we were all very good last year!

We look forward to all that the new term has to offer, including exciting science and learning all about Queens Victoria and Elizabeth as part of history.

Welcome back!