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Homework is set on Tuesdays and is due on Mondays, when children will peer mark.
Each week, children will be expected to complete a SpaG investigation, practice word lists and complete a My Maths task, set on an area of maths covered in class that week.

As well as this, we encourage children to read, both independently and with an adult to develop fluency and comprehension skills for at least 10 minutes each evening.

This week a Times Tables Rock Star task has been set for your child as well as a SPAG activity which can be found in their homework books. 

LINK TO AR: Click here to take a quiz!

Congratulations to this week's merit recipients:


All of Discoverers!

All of Voyagers!


Y3/4 PE will usually take place on a Monday,  Thursday or Fridays. Please try and make sure your child has a P.E. kit every day in case of timetable changes.

Please encourage your child to remember a healthy snack to enjoy over break time.

Who's in class?
Mrs Rawlins will be covering PPA  every other Thursdays for Voyagers.

Mrs Bruen will be covering PPA in Discoverers every other Thursday.

What's Coming Up?

Transition Days- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. 








What's been happening in Discoverers & Voyagers.


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Thank you to those of you who could attend our curriculum celebration last Friday. The children enjoyed showing you their learning. 


We had so much fun on our beach clean! We were all surprised how much rubbish we found on the beach- this helped our understanding of plastic pollution. 


We are still working hard in English where we have just finished our biographies and will focus our last week learning on newspaper reports. 

In Maths, the children have been exploring perimeter and area of 2D shapes! 


admin on: What's been happening in Discoverers & Voyagers.

What a very sporty week! 

We had such a great time during sports day! 

Two Teams represented Year 3/4 in a 'Dartmoor 3 Ball' Competition and they played so well (even after a full afternoon of sports day races!) 

In English we have been learning about fronted adverbials, prepositions and adverbs and used these features to write the opening of our story today!

Image result for fronted adverbials, prepositions and adjectives Image result for adverbs

Finally, in Maths we have been converting fractions into decimals as well ordering fractions, rounding decimals and answering word problems. 

Image result for convert decimals to fraction


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We have had a lovely first week back in Year 3/4! 

In English, we are now preparing to write a story in the genre of 'Rags to Riches' e.g Cinderella. We will be linking our story to our topic. So far, we have looked at good examples such as 'Who will Save Us' and 'One Plastic Bag' for inspiration. 

Image result for who will save us book Image result for one plastic bag book

In Maths, we are looking at fractions again! We have been learning about equivalent fractions for example the image below. We have been linking this to our times table knowledge. 

Image result for equivalent fractions

In Science. we have been learning about how plants pollinate and how fertilisation takes place in a flower. 

We had great results after the children took the star reader test (which gives them a new range for reading) so well done! Keep up the great reading! 


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In Science, Discoverers have also planted their seeds and have been excitedly checking them each day to see if any roots have appeared! As it is half term, the children have now taken their plants home to care for over the week. In Voyagers, the children have been describing the role of flowers in the life cycle of a flowering plant.

In English, we have been learning about different tenses and how to identify which tense a sentence is written in. 

In Maths, we have been creating tally charts and bar charts and then been answering questions about data presented in different ways.


We loved taking part in the Great Bishopsteigton Bounce Off- thank you for all your donations!


We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you all when it is time to come back to school! 


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This week we have been lucky enough to do lots of outdoor learning! 

In Maths, we have been exploring different measurements such as capacity, length, weight and time. We then added and subtracting numbers with different units of measure. 


In Science, Voyagers have planted seeds to help them understand how plants grow and what they need. Discoverers will do this next week as we need more recycled pots/tins/plastic containers that we can save from going into landfill sites! 

In Music, we have been learning how to play glockenspiels to the chorus of Mamma Mia! 



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Since Easter, we have been very busy learning about our new school topic 'Make a Change'. We will start this topic by looking at pollution in particular plastic pollution!

In English, we have been looking at persuasive writing. We started writing a letter to supermarkets to encourage people to stop using plastic bags. Now we have more information about pollution and the impact plastic has on our environment we are now preparing to write a persuasive letter encouraging people to recycle. The features we have been exploring are, rhetorical questions, powerful sentence starters and how subordinating conjunctions provide more detail to our arguments.

In Maths, we have been learning how to read and tell the time on analogue clocks and digital clocks including 12 and 24 hour clocks. As well as this, we have explored roman numerals in order to read the time shown on a clock with roman numerals. 


In Science, we have finished our learning about magnets and forces and we are now learning about plants. Our first lesson looks at different parts of a plant and what it needs to grow. We would like to plant some seeds in our upcoming lessons and would love to use recycled materials as a pot.

Please could you bring in any plastic containers that we could use as a pot such as a bottle, yogurt pot or similar. 

In Topic, we have learnt about different types of pollution and furthermore we are going to explore how pollution in going to effect our country. In order to do this we will be learning about the countries within the United Kingdom in particular England. We have been locating cities and landmarks. 


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Wow, what a busy 2 weeks we have had in Year 3/4!

Last week, we had a fantastic day on Thursday which was our school science day. 

We split into groups- half of the day we were sharing our learning about sounds with other children in the school, and the other half of the day we got to see other classes science investigations! 

We really enjoyed finding out about magnets and volcanoes. 

We also enjoyed our belated World Book Day celebrations on Thursday! The children learnt, analysed and performed their favourite poems from Tony Mitton and even wrote their own poems!


This week, we have had the 'Science Buskers' from Trinity School come to visit us to share more science experiments and investigations with us! The most popular stations were making musical instruments and making bubbles!



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In Literacy we have started learning about explanatory texts. We started this topic with an Elicitation Task about The Digestive System- we were very impressed with everyone's writing and how much they remembered from their science lessons!

In Maths, we have started learning about fraction- we have been ordering, representing as well as identifying different fractions. We enjoyed using numicon, fraction walls, base 10 and fraction wheels to help us understand the concept of fractions. 

In our topic, we are now thinking about how to put together a documentary about Ancient Egypt- we are keen to show how people were mummified as we found this very interesting!

We have really enjoyed Art lessons about Egypt- we have drawn Queen Nefertiti and we have been writing messages in hieroglyphics. Our next lesson will be to surround our drawing with hieroglyphics, as well as painting our pictures. See below the code to hieroglyphics and try some more of your own! 

Image result for hieroglyphics

Again, we are so proud of the enthusiasm the children have shown about Ancient Egypt and are delighted to see that children are making Power Points, creating fact files and finding out more about the history of Egypt at home and in Reward Time on a Friday! 

W.B. 29.1.18

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In English, we have been writing an adventure story based in Ancient Egypt. We have been developing strategies to create suspense and tension in the build-up and problems within our stories. We have also re-visited how to use direct speech in our writing. 

In Maths, we have been applying our addition and subtraction methods when adding and subtracting amounts of money. We investigated how we could make an amount of money using different combinations of coins. We have also been using a food menu to buy items and calculate our change. 

In our Topic, we continue to find out more about Ancient Egypt such as the importance of the River Nile, the season and the process of Mummification. The children seem very engaged and enthusiastic about our topic and we are pleased to see lots of objects being brought to school to share with the rest of the class. 


In Science, we formed an investigation to find out about the vibrations created when making a sound and made conclusions about our findings. 

W.B. 22.1.18

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Last week, we have revisited addition and subtraction written methods and used these to solve worded problems and missing number questions. 

In English, we have began a new narrative unit- adventure stories. We have used a film for inspiration and a stimulus for writing which we all really enjoyed. Now we will be learning about expanded noun phrases to describe settings and characters. Next week, we will be adding suspense into our stories to make them interesting and exciting to read. 

We have started to investigate sound in our science lessons. We had a very fun lesson exploring different sounds made by instruments and objects. Here are some photos of us exploring sounds. Next, we will be creating an investigation which we will carry out. 


In Gymnastics, we are now sequencing our floor exercise routine together- the children are doing very well with this.