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What's been happening in Explorers.


Explorers 2020/21

  • The Explorers had great fun helping to raise money for Forest School by taking part in Bounce Off this morning!
  • As part of Physical Development, we have enjoyed taking part in dough gym exercises.
  • This week the children have enjoyed exploring their new school environment.
  • Congratulations to our Explorers for a great start to school life! We have been so impressed with how quickly the children have settled and we are looking forward to another fun filled week next week!
  • We are looking forward to meeting our new Explorers for their first morning and lunch session at school this week! Group 1 - Tuesday 6th from 8.50 - 12.45. Group 2 - Wednesday 7th from 8.50 - 12.45.
  • The Explorers have been very busy creating special cards to thank their buddies for all their care and support this year!
  • What a fantastic start to our final week in Explorers!
  • We had a fun-filled Pirate day in the Explorers!
  • In preparation for our pirate day, we enjoyed making sandwiches and jelly.
  • The children were very excited to write their invitations to their bears to invite them to our pirate day! Yesterday we walked to the post box to post home our invitations..
  • The Explorers certainly lived up to their name today!
  • This week in our maths learning we are exploring the concept of sharing.
  • The Explorers loved their walk to St John the Baptist Church this morning and enjoyed exploring inside and outside the church.
  • As part of our learning about healthy eating, we created our own vegetable Pizzas.
  • We have enjoyed investigating and planting vegetables this week!
  • We have had great fun making crowns, flags, bunting and paper chains to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!
  • Through the story of 'Mr Gumpy's Boat' we explored adding groups of objects together.
  • Much fun was had during our music session this week!
  • This week we have been finding out about minibeasts and where they live. Our new vocabulary included 'habitats' and 'environment'
  • This term our games unit focusses on refining our skills of throwing, striking and rolling.
  • The Explorers were so excited to have some creepy crawly creatures visit us in class today! They also loved exploring the artefacts which included this huge python skin!
  • During our music sessions we have enjoyed learning and performing a series of new songs and rhymes, linked to our learning about animals.
  • This week we have started our new learning about animals and farms.
  • We have been enjoying a range of Easter activities in the Explorers this week!
  • This week we have been learning to steer the ball with our foot!
  • This week we have been reading 'Supertato: The Great Eggscape' as our class text. Evil Pea had stolen all the Easter eggs and we decided to help Supertato to find them!
  • The Explorers thoroughly enjoyed their second Inter House Competition!
  • Over the past two weeks we have been exploring 3D shapes.
  • The Explorers were very excited to be dressed as superheroes for Red Nose Day! We had a fun filled Friday to celebrate the occasion!
  • This week we have been promoting good oral health
  • During our outdoor games sessions we have been learning to steer a selection of balls around a course.
  • The Explorers were so excited to have new road signs to role play all the different People who Help Us roles that we have been learning about such as the police, paramedics and mechanics!
  • This half term we are exploring 'People Who Help Us' with a focus on our local community.
  • The Explorers had a fun filled book day and looked amazing in their costumes!
  • We celebrate Pancake Day by making and eating delicious pancakes!
  • The Explorers had a great day sharing their aspirations for future careers.
  • During our maths learning we have been finding out about the different ways that 6 can be represented!
  • During our maths learning we have been exploring and using the language of capacity.
  • During our structured PE sessions we have been learning to play a tag game.
  • The children were amazing Shareodactyls and Askaraptors when collaborating together to create their large scale marble run.
  • As part of our learning about cold places we investigated snowflakes.
  • This week during circle time we have been thinking about how we can show kindness to ourselves and our friends.
  • Christmas has arrived in the Explorer Classroom! The children are having great fun decorating the role play area, dressing up as Santa and his elves and posting cards to their friends!
  • Great fun was had, competing for the first time in our house teams!
  • As part of Anti-Bulling week we have been thinking about how to be a good friend.
  • The children had a great day in their cosy PJs and onesies!
  • The Explorers had great fun using lids and their fingers to make poppy paintings for Remembrance Day!
  • This week we have been finding out about the festival of Diwali.
  • We had great fun today learning to blend the phonemes to read words!
  • We have be learning a poem about fireworks and today we used musical instruments to make the sounds!
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