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What's been happening in Explorers.


Explorers 2020/21

  • The children were amazing Shareodactyls and Askaraptors when collaborating together to create their large scale marble run.
  • As part of our learning about cold places we investigated snowflakes.
  • This week during circle time we have been thinking about how we can show kindness to ourselves and our friends.
  • Christmas has arrived in the Explorer Classroom! The children are having great fun decorating the role play area, dressing up as Santa and his elves and posting cards to their friends!
  • Great fun was had, competing for the first time in our house teams!
  • As part of Anti-Bulling week we have been thinking about how to be a good friend.
  • The children had a great day in their cosy PJs and onesies!
  • The Explorers had great fun using lids and their fingers to make poppy paintings for Remembrance Day!
  • This week we have been finding out about the festival of Diwali.
  • We had great fun today learning to blend the phonemes to read words!
  • We have be learning a poem about fireworks and today we used musical instruments to make the sounds!
  • The children were in awe of the colourful array of vegetables!
  • The Explorers had great fun scooping out the pumpkin and pretending to make a range of pumpkin dishes. Words used to describe the pumpkin flesh included 'yucky' and 'slimy'!
  • The Explorers have been amazing Stickatops in their learning this week!
  • After learning our new letter sound 'm' in phonics the children were inspired to make mountains from a range of boxes! They then decided to make machines and made each other into robots, we got through a lot of masking tape!
  • The Explorers were so excited this morning and they had a brilliant bounce Off! Thank you to FOBs for organising it and for all your generous sponsorship, it is very much appreciated!
  • This week in our maths learning we have been exploring the skill of matching and sorting.
  • We have enjoyed our first set of phonic sessions!
  • Thank you to the children who gave their presentations, they all received a merit today. Congratulations to Alex and Margo who received the most votes on Thursday!
  • The children were real Tryatops when talking about why they should be voted for the school council. Being kind was often mentioned as being important!
  • The Explorers were very surprised to find a sleeping hedgehog hiding in their construction area!
  • Congratulations to the Explorers for completing their first full week in school! They all received a merit today for settling in so well!
  • The Explorers had great fun exploring our new play equipment today. They were very creative at using each piece of equipment in lots of different ways!
  • The Explorers really enjoyed trying all the fun activities today which were kindly organised by visitors from the Village Festival!
  • The Explorers were entertained by Professor Bumble and treated to an ice-cream for our Fun Day!
  • Following on from our pirate maps, we created our own journey maps depicting our route to school.
  • The Explorers had a fantastic day of fun and learning on Monday!
  • The Investigators wrote their own stories and wanted to share them with the Explorers. The Explorers were great listeners and really enjoyed their shared story time!
  • The Explorers had a fabulous morning taking part in the competition!
  • In maths we have been making boats and predicting how many cubes they will hold before they sink!
  • This week we have been learning to apply our knowledge about odd and even numbers!
  • The Explorers had a fantastic forest school session this afternoon! We made a giant Hungry Caterpillar from leaves and twigs, butterflies from pressed leaves and we also went on a bug hunt. We finished off the session with a hot chocolate and biscuit!
  • During circle time, we have been thinking about 'changes' with a focus on baby to now.
  • The Explorers had a fantastic first music Session with Kip today. They learnt a new song and played instruments to a musical story. We are already looking forward to next week's session!
  • Today we found out about minibeast habitats and then went outside for a minibeast hunt. We found ladybirds on leaves, worms in the soil and woodlice under leaves!
  • After watching 'Double Trouble' on Number Blocks, we explored different ways to represent doubles!
  • Our class toy, Harry the monkey, has taken on a new form due to covid restrictions!
  • Wow, our writing line was very full today!
  • After reading the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing' the children were in spired to make their own boats!
  • Superworm is our class text this week.
  • We continued our learning about growing plants by working together to plant lettuces, tomatoes, carrots and sunflowers. We can't wait to watch them grow!
  • We helped the farmer to read, sequence and follow the instructions to plant his seeds!
  • Today we explored the forest school area for plants and flowers and found lots of minibeasts along the way!
  • This week we have been learning to represent 'teen' numbers with different resources!
  • This week, during our outside games session we explored improving our underarm throwing!
  • Today we started thinking about how plants grow and what they need to survive.
  • This week we have continued to read and write captions with our tricky words.
  • 'Chick to Hen' is our new Literacy text this week.
  • We love to have fun and enjoy being active!
  • The Explorers made an amazing effort with their costumes today, thank you!
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