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Bishopsteignton Primary School

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What's been happening in Explorers.



  • Jack Frost had frozen some toys in ice and the Explorers had to find a way to free them!
  • In phonics we have been learning the phoneme X.
  • This week, one of our funky fingers challenge has been putting our coats on independently!
  • In our maths learning we have been exploring different ways to partition and show numbers to 5.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear is our new story.
  • The Explorers had a great time at their first Christmas Carousel!
  • Have you seen our amazing jumping santa letters?
  • Our Proud board was very full today!
  • We are enjoying our final week before Christmas.
  • In Explorers, we love to read! Every day we get the opportunity to read and share lots of new books, we even get to 'vote' for our favourite story. This Christmas we have enjoyed our book Advent calendar!
  • The Explorers had a brilliant morning making their Christmas crafts with their adults and performing their Baby Hunt story with songs. Thank you for coming along and joining in the fun!
  • We are enjoying our Santa's workshop role play!
  • This week in our maths learning we have been talking about time. We have been sequencing familiar events, talking about the importance of the order and using our vocabulary of first, then, next and finally to sequence events.
  • Our challenge this week is to dress the tree!
  • Thank you to everyone that joined us for our stay and play.
  • Today, Christine came to talk to us about how we can keep our hands clean.
  • The children had a great time celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week by dressing as their favourite characters.
  • The Explorers have been thinking about their learning skills and how they can help each other to persevere and be a Stickatops.
  • We are learning to show pride and care for our classroom.
  • How far will the rocket travel?
  • After learning the 'ck' digraph sound the children decided to organise a game of d-u-ck, duck, goose!
  • In our maths learning we have been exploring groups of objects and used our counting skills to directly compare groups to find out which has more or fewer!
  • Today we marked Armistice Day in our key stage assembly.
  • Today we talked about keeping safe on Bonfire night.
  • We started our new book focus. Mr Bear sent us a letter asking for our help.
  • We learnt the 'o' letter sound today. Is it a curly caterpillar letter or a one armed robot?
  • This week we have started our Diwali celebrations.
  • Thank you for your donations!
  • This week in phonics we have been revising all our letter sounds learnt so far.
  • The Explorers have been thinking about the signs of autumn and today they enjoyed using their hands and fingers to make their own autumn trees!
  • We enjoyed the dry weather by taking our phonics learning outside!
  • We will!
  • We have been learning about the number 5!
  • 'We will!' said the Explorers!
  • After using actions to retell the story of The Little Red Hen the Explorers were really keen to make their own masks and act out the story themselves!
  • In phonics today we learnt the 'p' sound.
  • Today the children were amazing 'Explorers' using their good looking eyes to spot different shapes in the environment.
  • The Explorers were really keen to make their own Numberblock after watching Numberblock 2 sing 'Everything is better with two'! Great cutting and sticking skills!
  • The Explorers were Solveadactyls today! They noticed the dolls house wasn't out so they decided to build their own house from the bricks instead, great team work!
  • The children had fun taking messages from their favourite characters! Lots of the superhero characters had missing pets today!
  • The Explorers loved chilling out to some Yoga this week with a Space theme! Great stretching, balancing and concentration!
  • Despite being very tired after starting full time the Explorers have enjoyed a fun Friday in the sunshine! We explored the field and forest school area as well as playing with the outdoor play equipment! Have a lovely weekend!
  • The Explorers were 'Shareodactyls' today when they shared their ideas about how to get the water from one tray to another. We will continue to explore different ways tomorrow!
  • The Explorers have had a great start to school this week! It has been lovely getting to know them all. Please ensure you read the letter that went out in book bags at the beginning of the week for more information about your child's class.
  • Well done Explorers!
  • The Year 5 children thought of a range of games to teach the Explorers today. They demonstrated some great organisational skills!
  • The Explorers loved dressing up for our mini-beast day on Tuesday! They had great fun playing mini-beast games inside and outside the classroom!
  • Painting, planting, sewing, flower arranging, exploring beans and circus skills were the activities enjoyed by all the Explorers at the festival. A big thank you to all the adults who made it possible!
  • The Explorers had another muddy but fun filled forest school session this afternoon! Thank you to Beccy and Clare for arranging all the brilliant activities.
  • "Best day ever" and "I love Forest school" were just two of the comments from children as they searched for bugs, made mud pies and built stickmen! We can't wait for next week's session!
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