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SET:20th March  DUE: 26th March

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Ruby B

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PE Kits
PE this term for 5/6 will usually be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please ensure PE kits are at school each day in case of any timetable changes.  

Snacks and Water
Children are welcome to bring in a healthy snack to eat before lunchtime and a bottle of water to use throughout the day.

Who's in Class?
Mrs Rawlins covers Mrs Stevens and Miss Leballeur's PPA time on alternate Wednesdays. She also covers Miss Leballeur's leadership time on a Friday. 
Diary Dates


Tuesday 13th March: Dragons Den
Monday 26th March: Reports out to parents

Tuesday 27th March: Open evening 






What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

It's been a busy few weeks...

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

We had a brilliant day sharing our science learning with the rest of the school. We showed our learning about forces such as gravity, magnetism, friction and air resistance. We used our expertise to explain to other children how these forces are important in the operation of parachutes, hovercrafts and Maglev trains! 



Image result 
During World Book Day, we looked in detail at two poems by poet, Tony Mitton after reading a letter from Tony himself! The poems we looked at were St Bridget and the baker and I dreamed of Elephants. We enjoyed performing the poems in a small groups. 


The Dragons (Miss Leballeur, Mrs Stevens, Mr Killoran, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Clark) were SO impressed with our pitches. Children spoke confidently and passionately about the designs they had created for robots to help around the home. Pitches were persuasive and used a range of techniques taught in Literacy to encourage the Dragons to invest in the ideas shared. Well done to both classes! 


Learning Update!

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

This week's update has been written with the help of the Inventors:


Related image

In science, we have been learning lots about forces. We learnt about the very first parachute attempts and then had a go at making our own parachutes. We then thought about an enquiry question after considering variables such as canopy size, length of string and material used. We have also been learning about air and water resistance. We experimented with blu tac in water, altering the shape to see if we could make the blu tac float or sink to the bottom quickly. 


Image result for fresh prince

In music, we have been learning "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", an old-school hip-hop classic by Will Smith. We learnt about the pulse of the music by copying some animals on screen. We also started to  incorporate instruments into our performance - this is something we will  continue with after half term - some children have offered to bring their own instruments in to accompany our rapping! 


Image result for pointillism

We have started to explore pointillism  - particularly looking at the work of Georges Seurat. We have also been learning about warm and cool colours and how colours contrast and compliment each other. Above is a famous picture by Seurat that we have explored in our classes. 


Mrs Stevens and Miss Leballeur were delighted with our recent arithmetic results - lots of children have been working hard and making good progress! We have also been interpreting line graphs and pie charts as well as starting to be able to find and express simple rules in algebra. 


Image result for moon landing

We are very proud of our newspaper articles based on the Titanic and look forward to sharing these with our parents int he curriculum celebration. We have now moved on to writing discussion texts based on the moon landing - was it a hoax? We are still largely undecided - what will you decide once you have read our texts? 

The Spring Term begins!

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

It's been a busy fortnight in Inventors and Pioneers! We are well underway with our 'Lights, Camera, Action' topic.

Image result for lights camera action

In History, we have been developing our chronological awareness as we learn about some of the 'Firsts' through History.We researched and summarised information on John Logie Baird; combining skills from History, Computing and Literacy. We watched clips from early programs - children couldn't believe what TV looked like in the 1920s!

 We have just started some research projects in small teams - learning more about either the first plane, train, car or helicopter. We will be presenting our findings in groups next week. 

In Literacy, we have two projects on the go! We have  been busy researching the Titanic in order to support our writing to inform. Next week, we will be writing up our articles - imagining we are the editors of a newspaper breaking the news of the tragic events. 

We are also working in groups to create our own robots after watching an inspirational advert for a robot called Jibo. Over the term, we will be producing our own persuasive pitches to put to the judges in a Dragons' Den style event. Stay tuned for developments with this!

We have been working 'unplugged' in Computing as we have learnt what the internet is and how it provides access to services like the WWW. Miss Leballeur and Mrs Stevens were really impressed with how well children understood this really tricky subject - we talked about clients, web servers, IP addresses, DNS servers, routers and more! We also found out how search engines rank results (well - as much as we could find out ...the real algorithms are top secret!) The picture below shows some of our own 'web pages' that we ranked according to a set of rules. 

Our maths learning has largely centered around converting measures (e.g 5.6km into m/ 55mm into cm) and revision on place value and rounding. We are just starting a unit on fractions and will be moving on to conversions between fractions, decimals and percentages next week (hence the homework!) 

Look out for an update on our science learning, which we have linked to the first parachute - coming soon!

27th November - 1st December

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

Well it was another busy week in 5/6 for week 12. The highlight for this week was most certainly, the curriculum celebration where we were delighted to see so many parents, family and friends visit our classrooms and celebrate our learning related to 'Deadly 60'. This has definitely been a topic that has allowed for many fanastic learning opportunities and we hope that you had a chance to see this within the children's books.

We have also been busy this week planning and learning new skills related to our last writing piece for the term - narrative. The children are using a short film titled 'Spy Fox' to inspire their writing. Along the journey, they will be introduced to the various SPAG features applicable for 5/6 and encouraged to use these features in their writing.

In maths, we have been exploring 3D shapes, nets and the area and perimeter. This will also continue into next week when we investigate circles.

We have been fine-tuning our Christmas carols this week and encourage the children to continue to practice these words over the next week so that we put on a brilliant performance on the 13th of December.

Finally this week, on Friday, we had a small baby themed afternoon to celebrate Mrs Dunn's upcoming baby boy. The children competed in a quiz that included guessing the names of baby animals (did you know that a baby bat is called a pup or that an Asian Elephant is pregnant for 617 days?), naming famous babies, baby trivia, nursery rhymes and animal gestation periods. The children also had the chance to guess the name and date of when Mrs Dunn's baby will be born. It was a lovely celebration.

13th - 17th November

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

This week our focus during our topic and SMSC lessons was about anti-bullying. We looked at a short film called 'For the Birds' as well as a picture titled 'Different' and spoke about how these two different mediums both related to bullying. We also compared the two mediums and what was different and what was the same about them and if they both portrayed the same message. On Wednesday, we also discussed cyber-bullying and the things we could do if we were ever put in this difficult situation. Finally on Thursday, we completed our second whole class guided reading session where the text we focused on was a poem about bullying. We hope that this variety of activities impacted on the pupils' understanding of bullying and what we can all do to spread kindness.

In literacy we have turned our planning into persuasive speeches, with lots of editing taking place today. We are looking forward to reading them to our visitors at the curriculum celebration on the 27th of November.

In maths, we have begun investigating geometry which started with angles this week - have you ever heard of angle dabbing?

It was another fun-filled learning week in both the Pioneers and Inventors this week and we are looking forward to more of the same next week!

6th - 10th November

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

What an amazing start to the week the Inventors and the Pioneers had with a visit from the Sea King Helicopter! There was certainly a buzz in the air and the children really appreciated this experience. A big thank you to all the family and friends of Bishop School who supported this great event.

Also this week we had a visit from Biologist Dr Mc Cann. Once again, this was an excellent opportunity in which the children learnt so much and were inspired by Dr McCann's adventures. His visit linked with a lot of work we have been doing on the Deadly 60 in topic and science and so the children had a lot of interesting questions to ask!

We have also started planning our persuasive speeches about whether or not animals should be in zoos. This upcoming week, the children will start transforming this planning into their final piece of writing, ready to share with you at our curriculum celebration.

In science we have also begun investigating electricity where the children were able to make some simple circuits. We will be building on these skills and knowledge over the next few weeks.

30th October - 3rd November

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

Firstly, a BIG thank you to all the children (and parents) for support our first every Times Tables Rock Stars Celebration! The children looked fantastic in their costumes and were engaged in a variety of times tables activities throughout the day. These included competing against each other online (using TTRS), making fortune tellers with times tables, writing poems and songs about times tables and playing 'Rock, Scissors, Paper' Times Tables style! The children also completed a survey about TTRS and how they think it has impacted their learning in maths which Mrs Dunn is hoping to share with parents later in the term.

In literacy, we have begun looking at persuasive writing. We started by introducing the question, 'Should trick or treating be banned?' which stimulated lots of discussion and the children completed an elicitation task about this question to inform our planning and lessons over the next couple of weeks. We also shared the picture book 'Zoo' by Anthony Brown which is the text that the children have been exploring and will continue to explore to prepare them to write their final piece based on 'Do animals belong in zoos?'

For topic, we have focused on Bonfire Night and the story of the Gunpowder Plot. This has sparked many interesting questions and discussions, based around history and religion and we hope to do some further study on this next week.

Have a look at our photos below to see all the fun of TTRS Dress up!

9th - 13th October

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

Firstly, a BIG thank you to those parents, families and friends who donated generously to this year's Harvest Festival. Our assembly on Friday afternoon was such a wonderful way to give back to the community and we are sure your donations will be thoroughly appreciated by HITS.

This week has seen our information text posters completed and the children should be very proud of their efforts. The amount of hard work, collaboration, editing and creativity that has gone into these texts has been wonderful and we are very much looking forward to sharing them at the Curriculum Celebration in November. Next week, the year five children will be working with Mrs Dunn on play scripts based on the picture book, Zoo. We are really excited to see this genre of writing in action and hope to transform the play scripts into drama pieces which the year six children can watch on their return from Grenville House.

In maths, we have been building on our knowledge of division and noticing the very close relationship it has with multiplication. We have also used some of our maths knowledge and skills in computing, where the children have been creating their own spreadsheets and graphs (using Excel) based on the top 15 Deadly animals.

One highlight this week was when some children had the opportunity to have another taste of Forest School by making camouflage capes using netting and natural materials from our Forest School areas. This is an activity that we will hopefully be able to repeat again later in the term.

Finally, best wishes to year six as they embark on their Grenville House experience next week! We hope you have an amazing time and I am sure the year fives can't wait to hear all about it after half term.

2nd - 6th October 2017

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

This week in the Pioneers and Inventors we have been continuing our focus on the 'Deadly 60'. We watched some scenes from the TV show as a focus on vulnerable and endangered animals which sparked some great discussions and debate. We identified some animals from the deadly 60 lists which are classified as vulnerable or endangered then discussed the factors leading to this classification. Perhaps most importantly, we also discussed ways in which we could help raise awareness or help stop these animals from becoming extinct. This also led into our science learning about adaptation and habitats.

In literacy we have looked at relative clauses, conjunctions and compound adjectives as a SPAG focus within our writing and continued applying this knowledge into our paragraphs. Next week we will begin to edit in depth and write out our finished products, transforming our information into a poster which we will share at the curriculum celebration next half term.

Maths has had a focus on multiplicative reasoning which has included formal methods, estimating, square and cube numbers and inverse operations. Have a look at our photos of inverse graffiti to see how we expressed our knowledge on Thursday.

In PE we have now introduced positions into our games of High-Five Netball which, although for some has been a challenge, has been a positive challenge and showed the children even more skills associated with this game.

Well done to all of year 5 and 6 on a great week!

25th - 29th September

admin on: What's been happening in Pioneers & Inventors.

We have continued our focus on our whole school topic 'Deadly 60' this week which has resulted in lots of new knowledge for the children in year 5 and 6. In Science, the children have created information posters that explain where a deadly 60 animal fits on a food chain, its life cycle and what its classification is. They also had the opportunity to perform their music compositions, portraying an animal in music this week.

In writing, the children have begun to construct their paragraphs for their information text and we also completed a 'slow write', where the children had the opportunity to use a variety of sentence styles, vocabulary and punctuation to write an effective paragraph, based on a picture.

Maths has allowed the children to engage in learning about BODMAS, missing number problems and we have begun exploring multiplication.

Take a look at some of our photos from this week! We are certainly looking forward to another week in year 5/6.