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What's been happening in Pioneers/Inventors.


Pioneers/Inventors 2020/21

  • Pioneers and Inventors had a visitor from the Fire Service today.
  • This week in Maths we have been looking at nets of 3D Shapes.
  • Year 6 have been enjoying their Forest School activities this half term.
  • We have been using Computer Aided Design (CAD) in our recent lessons.
  • This week Inventors and Pioneers worked really hard on their collaborative skills.
  • This week in art we have been looking at collage.
  • This week, we started work to create collages in our Art lessons.
  • Year 5 have had great fun at Forest School the last few weeks!
  • Inventors and Pioneers have enjoyed studying their new 'Animals' topic.
  • This week Pioneers were treated to a concert from a member of the class.
  • In our Art lessons this week, we have been studying the work of Alexander Calder.
  • Inventors and Pioneers recently took part in a competitive benchball tournament.
  • Inventors and Pioneers have been developing their skills in PE.
  • This week in Literacy we shared our biographies with children from Pioneers and Inventors.
  • The theme for British Science Week (11th – 20th March 2022) is ‘Growth’.
  • In PE we have practising different volleyball skills.
  • Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day.
  • Tuesday 8th February was Safer Internet Day.
  • In our topic lessons this week, we have looked historical data to determine if Greek life and achievements influenced the western world.
  • In our recent Science lessons, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance.
  • This week in PE we have been creating out own dances.
  • This week, we have continued our scientific studies about ‘Evolution and Inheritance’.
  • In Inventors and Pioneers this half term, composition is our focus in Music lessons.
  • After welcoming everyone back at the start of 2022, Pioneers and Inventors started their new topic about Ancient Greece.
  • Merry Christmas from Inventors and Pioneers.
  • Today was Christmas Crafts Day in Pioneers and Inventors.
  • In DT we have been looking at earthquake proof buildings.
  • Pioneers and Inventors are creating collagraph prints inspired by our study of volcanoes.
  • We have been learning about the Christian idea of Jesus as a Messiah in our RE lessons. 
  • Inventors and Pioneers have been developing their map reading skills in lessons this week.
  • Pioneers and Inventors participated in a Dodgeball Tournament as part of our Inter House Competition.
  • Pioneers and Inventors are learning about light this half term.
  • The theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2021 was 'One Kind Word'.
  • Our focus is Netball this half term.
  • This week, Inventors and Pioneers have studied volcanoes as part of our 'Extreme Earth' topic.
  • Year 5 have demonstrated excellent learning skills this week as they studied Romans in Britain.
  • Pioneers and Inventors have had great fun this week creating their own games in Science.
  • Pioneers and Inventors really enjoyed participating in the sponsored bounce.
  • This week, Pioneers and Inventors are deciding who will represent their class on the School Council.
  • Our scientific work this half term covers the topic of ‘Electricity’.
  • We have started to study the Roman Empire and its impact upon Britain.
  • What a fantastic start to the new term we have had this week!
  • We have been studying databases in our Computing lessons.
  • Pioneers and Inventors have studied pictures and photographs to find out about primary and secondary sources in our recent History lessons.
  • Athletics is the focus of our PE lessons this half term.
  • Our work studying textiles resulted in some super artwork in the first Summer half term.
  • To complete our 'Working Scientifically' learning focus this week, we generated our own questions to find out about gliders.
  • After studying ways to join textiles together using sewing techniques in Art lessons, children have designed and made soft toys as part of their DT learning this half term.
  • In our Art lessons this half term, we have been developing our sewing skills and techniques.
  • In our PE lessons, we are learning the skills needed to play Dartmoor 3-Ball.
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