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    • Perfect Poetry
      As part of our Whole Class Guided Reading sessions, Pioneers and Inventors have been sharing free verse poems. 
    • Relationships and Health Education/Anti-Bullying Week
      As part of our Anti - Bullying Week studies, children have taken part in assemblies and produced work reflecting the key theme : 'Reach out'.
    • Trip to Torquay Tennis Club
      Inventors and Pioneers spent the morning refining their tennis skills at Torquay Tennis Club, thanks to the support of Steven Maslen and his team of tennis coaches.
    • Interhouse competition
      This week, Inventors and Pioneers had great fun taking part in the Interhouse competition competing in three Danish longball games.
    • Fun Fractions!
      Pioneers and Inventors have been studying fractions in Maths lessons this week.
    • Map skills
      This week, we have been looking at major cities in North and South America.
    • Super Scientists!
      This week, Pioneers and Inventors have been investigating the effects of friction.
    • Grenville 2022!
      Our Year 6's have had a great week at Grenville House trying many new activities.
    • Literacy
      This week, we have studied the story of 'Beowulf and the Fire Dragon' and the importance of these creatures in Anglo-Saxon tales.
    • Battle Presentations
      Ahead of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking battles, we shared our research around these significant, historical events.
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