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Bishopsteignton Primary School

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School council


Each class elected two councillors to represent their ideas - that's what happens in a democracy!

Anyone could stand for election, no matter how young. It was a secret ballot so we didn't tell anyone who we voted for. Each class elected two councillors to represent their ideas - democracy in action.


A copy of the latest School Council Meeting notes can be found here.

School council

March 2017

admin on: School council

We interviewed two school governors at our meeting today. Mr Lamboll and Mr Trout answered our questions and helped us to understand a bit more about the job of school governors; the way they work together; and their thoughts and ideas about our school. It was interesting to find that they value group work and democracy just like we do!

At assembly we showed our PowerPoint slides to give children more information about The Bishop Bake Off which is our fund raising event happening on Monday 13th March. Children will bring in cakes made at home and some prizes will be given. For fundraising we are asking parents to make donations and will also be selling the cakes at the end of the day. Money raised will go to Motor Neurone Disease Association.

February 2017

admin on: School council

Issues raised by classes were discussed by school council. Their previous ideas about how to improve some silly behaviour in toilets seem to have worked and school councillors now feel more positive about this. They are happy that broken locks have been replaced. A wobbly fence has been reported.

School councillors discussed and prepared questions to ask  governors, who will be invited to our next meeting. 

Our fundraising event - The Bishop Bake Off - was discussed. This will be on Monday 13th March. Details of the day were sorted and councillors are now busy preparing posters and PowerPoint slides to help them pass the information to their classes in assembly.

January 2017

admin on: School council

This month school councillors have been discussing ideas for how to celebrate World Book Day on March 2nd. Their ideas have been passed to Miss Leballeur who is in charge of organising this day.

They have also been deciding how we can make a difference to other's lives in the community. Two fund raising ideas were agreed: 

Parents were asked to make clothes donations for ClothesCycle to support refugees and asylum seeks. 

We also decided to support Motor Neurone Disease Association and our first activity will be 'The Bishop Bake Off' later this term

December 2016

admin on: School council

The school council discussed playtimes again this month and feedback was positive as KS1 and KS2 has separate playtimes, although did feel this meant that older and younger children have less chance to mix. Buddies get together every Friday morning to share books and they are keen for this to continue.

Classes discussed ideas on what activities houses can do together and councilors shared ideas, which included an Easter carousel, drawing competition, or games carousel.

Behaviour of pupils in toilets were also discussed and how this can be improved.

November 2016

admin on: School council

School council visited Humberdown Wood to plant tress in an area recently bought by a local resident. We planted apple trees in what will one day be an orchard that we can visit and enjoy in the future. Marshmallows were an added bonus too!

School councilSchool council

October 2016

admin on: School council

Playtimes were discussed again amongst the council and it was felt they were much better. An idea was put forward to put Astroturf on the playing field, so it can be accessed when wet. The council also discussed buddies in assemblies and what additional activities could be done in house groups.

September 2016

admin on: School council

The school council discussed how to make playtime safer and more interactive for pupils.

May 2016

admin on: School council

We met with John Patton from the Village Festival committee to discuss our ideas for the next Bishopsteignton Village Festival in 2017.

April 2016

admin on: School council

We made some suggestions for questions that Mr Killoran could ask people when he interviews new teachers.

We asked if the end of playtimes could be improved. The teachers discussed this and made some changes.

February 2016

admin on: School council

We talked about "What is a suitable consequence for low level disruption in class?"

As a result of school council discussions the idea of 'Playtime Tickets' is now used across the school. This is being included in the school's behaviour policy.