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    • Autumn
      We have enjoyed reading autumn stories this week and making pictures using autumnal colours!
    • Sorting
      This week in our maths learning we have been sorting everything! A very important skill!
    • Outside Fun
      Being active and learning outside is an important part of learning in Explorers!
    • Matching
      This week in our maths learning we have been matching objects.
    • Paper Planes!
      After our kite making last week the Explorers decided to make paper planes today! They had great fun flying them outside.
    • Sports Relief
      Well done Explorers for completing your 90 Obstacles challenge! Thank you for all your sponsor money!
    • Let's go fly a kite!
      As part of Science week we spent today choosing the best material to make a kite and then testing to see if it worked!
    • Stanley
      The Explorers enjoyed using the small world to retell the story of 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley'.
    • Rubbish!
      In our outside area, the Explorers were busy helping to sort the rubbish. They were brilliant at naming the different materials of the boxes and containers and thinking about if the materials could be recycled!
    • Forest School
      The Explorers had loads of fun at our forest school session this afternoon!
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