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    Food Technology-Voy

    4 December 2020 (by admin)

    This week we made Spanish Paella!

    To start, we had to chop up the vegetables which were: pepper, onions and tomatoes. Secondly, we peeled garlic cloves and crushed them. We cooked the chorizo and chicken in a separate pan.  After that, we started to heat the big pan and after a few minutes, we added the vegetables.  When the vegetables had softened, we began to add the rice while pouring in some stock and added lemon pieces for flavour.  Everyone then had a mix of the ingredients and added the chorizo and chicken (once the chicken was golden).  The last thing we did was add the peas and kept mixing for 5 to 10 minutes until everything was cooked thoroughly.  After a wait, we got to eat some and everyone found it delicious!!!