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    • Computing
      Discoverers and Voyagers have had a fantastic return to school and it has been great to see everyone again! This week, we have been learning more about algorithms including how to create a loop. We then tried out our algorithms on Scratch.
    • Science - British Science Week
      This week we celebrated the British Science Week. The theme for this year was 'Innovating for the future'. We have decided to design our own Robo -bug!
    • DT/Topic Day
      On Wednesday, we designed and made Spanish castanets!
    • A Place in the Sun!
      To summarise our Geography Topic learning we watched some clips from the TV show 'A Place in the Sun Home or Away' where a lady from Ashburton was trying to decide if she wanted to live in Bishopsteignton or in Spain.
    • Inter House Competition
      On Monday, children took part in our Inter House Competition. Children were split into groups of 20 to complete the rotation of 3 activities including throwing against a target on the wall, jumping around the compass, and using a 7 meter sprint course.
    • Food Technology-DIS
      On Wednesday, we had a day learning and developing cooking skills to make a Spanish dish!
    • Food Technology-Voy
      This week we made Spanish Paella!
    • Spanish Food Tasting!
      Today, Discoverers found out about Spanish culture (Voyagers will do this next week)!
    • Anti-Bullying Week/RHE
      As part of anti-bullying week, we have been talking about our rights and how it is so important to speak out about any of our worries.
    • French
      Children are really enjoying learning French vocabulary using visual and audio resources!
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