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    • Roman Research
      We have started to study the Roman Empire and its impact upon Britain.
    • Village Festival
      What a fantastic start to the new term we have had this week!
    • Computing
      We have been studying databases in our Computing lessons.
    • PE
      Athletics is the focus of our PE lessons this half term.
    • Pictures of the Past
      Pioneers and Inventors have studied pictures and photographs to find out about primary and secondary sources in our recent History lessons.
    • Glorious gliders!
      To complete our 'Working Scientifically' learning focus this week, we generated our own questions to find out about gliders.
    • Art
      Our work studying textiles resulted in some super artwork in the first Summer half term.
    • Art
      In our Art lessons this half term, we have been developing our sewing skills and techniques.
    • Design and Technology
      After studying ways to join textiles together using sewing techniques in Art lessons, children have designed and made soft toys as part of their DT learning this half term.
    • PE
      In our PE lessons, we are learning the skills needed to play Dartmoor 3-Ball.
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