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    • p-o-p!
      In phonics today we learnt the 'p' sound.
    • Number 2!
      The Explorers were really keen to make their own Numberblock after watching Numberblock 2 sing 'Everything is better with two'! Great cutting and sticking skills!
    • Working together!
      The Explorers were Solveadactyls today! They noticed the dolls house wasn't out so they decided to build their own house from the bricks instead, great team work!
    • Can I help you?
      The children had fun taking messages from their favourite characters! Lots of the superhero characters had missing pets today!
    • Cosmic Yoga!
      The Explorers loved chilling out to some Yoga this week with a Space theme! Great stretching, balancing and concentration!
    • Friday Fun!
      Despite being very tired after starting full time the Explorers have enjoyed a fun Friday in the sunshine! We explored the field and forest school area as well as playing with the outdoor play equipment! Have a lovely weekend!
    • Working together!
      The Explorers were 'Shareodactyls' today when they shared their ideas about how to get the water from one tray to another. We will continue to explore different ways tomorrow!
    • Starting School!
      The Explorers have had a great start to school this week! It has been lovely getting to know them all. Please ensure you read the letter that went out in book bags at the beginning of the week for more information about your child's class.
    • Transition Days!
      Well done Explorers!
    • Fun with Year 5!
      The Year 5 children thought of a range of games to teach the Explorers today. They demonstrated some great organisational skills!
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