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    • Taking Pride
      We are learning to show pride and care for our classroom.
    • What makes a good Stickatops?
      The Explorers have been thinking about their learning skills and how they can help each other to persevere and be a Stickatops.
    • Phonics
      After learning the 'ck' digraph sound the children decided to organise a game of d-u-ck, duck, goose!
    • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... Blast Off!
      How far will the rocket travel?
    • We Will Remember
      Today we marked Armistice Day in our key stage assembly.
    • More or Fewer?
      In our maths learning we have been exploring groups of objects and used our counting skills to directly compare groups to find out which has more or fewer!
    • Fine motor fun!
      Today we talked about keeping safe on Bonfire night.
    • 'o' for....
      We learnt the 'o' letter sound today. Is it a curly caterpillar letter or a one armed robot?
    • Peace at Last!
      We started our new book focus. Mr Bear sent us a letter asking for our help.
    • Where is the eyeball?
      This week in phonics we have been revising all our letter sounds learnt so far.
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