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    • Police Visit
      The Explorers were excited to receive a visit from two PCSOs today. The children asked them lots of questions and tried on a range of police hats. The highlight was a tour of the Police van with a demonstration of the loud siren!
    • Chinese New Year
      Today we enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year!
    • Evil Pea Returns!
      Last week we completed all the challenges that Evil Pea sent. He promised us that he would release Supertato! We put on our superhero capes and followed the pea clues to find him.
    • Snow!
      The Explorers were very excited to see the snow today. They even chose to write about it 'I can see snoa' (we learnt the new digraph 'oa', as in 'soap', this week!)
    • Super Clean Hands
      Today we had a visit from Christine. We found out about keeping our hands super clean!
    • Numbers
      In our maths learning this week, we have been exploring 8 and 9.
    • Superpowers!
      Today we were thinking about superhero powers. We wanted to have x-ray vision so we sorted objects into those that we could see through and those we couldn't. We learnt the word 'transparent'! The children enjoyed making and wearing their superhero masks.
    • Music Makers!
      Kip, our school's Music Specialist, is going to be teaching a music session to the Explorers every Friday this half term. Today he told them a musical story and they had great fun playing a range of musical instruments!
    • Christmas Craft
      We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that came along.
    • Ship Ahoy!
      After our phonics learning about the 'sh' digraph, some of the children decided to make a large scale pirate ship!
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