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    • Patterns
      This week we have been exploring simple patterns. We learnt that a pattern is a repeated unit.
    • The Little Red Hen
      During snack time this week we enjoyed 'noticing' and tasting a selection of breads from around the world.
    • Handwriting
      The Explorers have been working hard to develop their finger muscles ready to be super writers!
    • We are all special!
      The Explorers have enjoyed guessing who's who when looking at our baby photos!
    • Bounce Off!
      The Explorers were great at bouncing to raise money during our Bounce Off today!
    • A Cup of Tea
      Developing and promoting oracy is is one of our key priorities in EYFS.
    • All About Me!
      The Explorers have really enjoyed sharing their 'Little Bag of Me' with their friends. It has been lovely to see their baby photos and to hear about their interests and what is special to them!
    • First Morning at School
      Hello new Explorers!
    • Pirate Day
      To celebrate their brilliant learning this term, the Explorers enjoyed taking part in a special pirate day.
    • Posting Invitations
      The Explorers had great fun, out on their walk to the postbox. They were very excited to post their invitation to our Pirate Party, next Monday!
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