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    • Pancake Day
      We celebrated 'Shrove Tuesday' by engaging in a range of learning activities!
    • Aspirations Day
      As a hook into our new learning about 'People Who Help us' we took part in a dressing up day!
    • Safer Internet Day 2023
      This week the Explorers took part in a range of activities linked to Safer Internet Day.
    • Porridge
      As a hook into our literacy non-fiction unit, we helped the bears to make porridge. First we had to sort the 'ingredients' and 'equipment' into two sets.
    • Goldilocks
      As part of technology learning we have been exploring paper curling.
    • Number Day
      The Explorers absolutely loved the Buddy Challenge today. They were brilliant at solving the maths problems to find the pieces of key and there was much excitement when they finally found Buddy hiding in the library!
    • Drawing Bears
      This week we have been experimenting with using charcoal as a dry art medium.
    • An Intruder!
      We came back from lunch to find that a visitor had been in our role play! Someone had eaten the porridge and had broken a chair!
    • Chinese Lunar New Year
      Sunday 22nd January marked the beginning of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is celebrated by many people around the world and is the most important holiday in China.
    • Comparing Mass
      This week in our maths learning we have been using the language of heavier and lighter to compare two objects.
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