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    • Theatre Trip Pavilions
      Thank you to all volunteers and FOBS for your contributions!
    • Equal Groups!
      The children had to show equal groups in different ways.
    • Curriculum Celebration
      The children built fantastic bridges for the 'River Thames', considering which materials were the most suitable for purpose according to different properties.
    • Map of the World
      The children have learnt the countries and capital cities of the UK. They have now begun process of learning the continents and oceans of the world.
    • The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Dressing Up Day!
      Mr Grinling managed the time to visit! The children asked lots of questions, such as 'How did you manage to put up the zip wire?!' Mr Grinling was very surprised on his arrival because there were so many Hamish the cats! He is only used to one Hamish!
    • Lighthouse Keepers Lunch Wall Display
      We have been very busy making items for our wall displays. The children had lots of ideas including a 3D lighthouse, a zip wire and flapping seagulls! Today a "real" seagull came to visit!
    • Representing Numbers
      The children have become very confident at representing the same number in different ways!
    • Column Method
      Some of the children have begun to partition numbers into columns.
    • Musical Performance
      Learning a Sea Shanty
    • Materials
      Today we explored materials. The children sorted the materials into different groups, choosing their own criteria. They then had to explain how they had sorted their items.
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