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    • Sports Day!
      Having fun on Sports Day!
    • Dawn's Visit!
      Dawn, who manages the allotments, talked to us about what plants need to grow. We had the opportunity to handle some vegetables (lettuce and beans) that Dawn had grown from seed. We also smelt some basil!
    • Scarecrow!
      Both classes are making scarecrows for our 'allotment'. Next task is to name the scarecrows!
    • Collaboration
      We discussed what plants need to grow and survive and wondered what would happen if a plant didn't have everything they needed. Plants need room to grow so we decided to put one plant in a very small plant pot to to see what happens!
    • More Collaboration!
      The children have loved the story 'Hansel and Gretel'. We have made props to help us act out the story. We used the trees outside to pretend we were walking through the woods! Fabien found some small stones for 'Hansel' to leave along the pathway!
    • RNLI visit
      The RNLI came to visit us today!
    • Money!
      We have been representing coins. It took a long time to count 100 counters to make £1, it was quicker to count in 10s! We learnt language such as 'change' and 'note'. This was quite confusing because we get 'changed' for PE and we write 'notes'
    • Shapes
      We made shape gingerbread houses. We discovered a new shape called a 'quadrant'! Harry wanted to know what you call a cylinder if you cut it down the middle! We thought maybe a 'semi circular prism'?! What do you think?
    • 3D shape hunt
      We went on a shape hunt this week.
    • The Great Gingerbread House Build
      This week we have been using lots of different resources and tools to make our own Gingerbread houses!
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