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    • Libraries Well-Being Week: Day 4 and 5!
      Open Library Success!
    • Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival
      Year 5 did us proud at the recent tag rugby festival which saw them developing skills alongside other local schools.
    • Y6 and Explorers
      Y6's Plan PE!
    • Art
      Paul Nash(1889 – 1946)
    • Times Tables Rock Stars
      Have you heard about our KS2 Times Tables Rock Stars competition?
    • Poppy knitting
      Last Thursday, 4th October, year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be visited by the Bishopsteignton knitting group.
    • Tommy Guide to the Trenches!
      Today's topic lesson saw Pioneers and Inventors looking at a range of sources to find out more about what life was like for soldiers fighting in the trenches. They have started to create their own guides for soldiers which will be completed tomorrow.
    • Living History KS2 Visit
      KS2 were lucky to have Arthur and Zac from The Living History Group visit to share their knowledge about WW1.
    • School Council Presentations
      Wow! Some brilliant presentations today from children hoping to be voted the next school council representatives. The children presented their ideas clearly and confidently and it was clear that lots of effort went into their presentations.
    • WW1 Newspaper Writing
      One of the first pieces of writing we will be working on are newspaper articles. Historic Newspapers ( have provided us with WW1 Newspapers that we hope to be able to share with 5/6. Thank you Historic Newspapers!
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