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Bishopsteignton Primary School

Cockhaven Close, Bishopsteignton, Devon TQ14 9RJ

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    • Online Safety
      Today we talked about keeping safe on the internet.
    • A Surprise Visitor
      We enjoyed a day with our bears. Thank you to Phoebe's mum for bringing Daddy bear to school! The Explorers were VERY excited!
    • Drawing Bears
      Thank you for bringing your bears to school. We enjoyed meeting them!
    • My porridge is just right!
      Today we used our reading skills to follow the instructions to make porridge.
    • Police Visit
      The Explorers had a brilliant visit from the Police this morning!
    • Library Time
      We enjoyed our first visit to the library.
    • Beebot Exploration
      Exploring and learning how to program the beebots was great fun!
    • Who Am I?
      The Explorers loved guessing who the babies were in the photos!
    • Chinese New Year Celebrations
      Today we made a stir fry. We used knives and peelers to prepare the vegetables, later we used the microwave to cook the noodles.
    • Words Hoops
      Today in phonics some of the Explorers played a physical reading game.
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