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    • Pumpkin play!
      The Explorers had great fun scooping out the pumpkin and pretending to make a range of pumpkin dishes. Words used to describe the pumpkin flesh included 'yucky' and 'slimy'!
    • G for.....
      The Explorers have been amazing Stickatops in their learning this week!
    • Making Mountains!
      After learning our new letter sound 'm' in phonics the children were inspired to make mountains from a range of boxes! They then decided to make machines and made each other into robots, we got through a lot of masking tape!
    • Bounce Off!
      The Explorers were so excited this morning and they had a brilliant bounce Off! Thank you to FOBs for organising it and for all your generous sponsorship, it is very much appreciated!
    • Same or Different?
      This week in our maths learning we have been exploring the skill of matching and sorting.
    • Letter Sounds
      We have enjoyed our first set of phonic sessions!
    • Our School Councillors
      Thank you to the children who gave their presentations, they all received a merit today. Congratulations to Alex and Margo who received the most votes on Thursday!
    • School Council Presentations
      The children were real Tryatops when talking about why they should be voted for the school council. Being kind was often mentioned as being important!
    • A Surprise Visitor!
      The Explorers were very surprised to find a sleeping hedgehog hiding in their construction area!
    • Explorer Fun
      Congratulations to the Explorers for completing their first full week in school! They all received a merit today for settling in so well!
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