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Bishopsteignton Primary School

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    • Story Voting
      We love to read and share books during our school day.
    • Peace at Last!
      ‘Peace at Last!’ is our new class text.
    • Forest School
      We had a great time exploring the forest school area today. Searching for bugs, digging for worms, feeding the fish and making concoctions in the mud kitchen were just some of the things that the children said they enjoyed doing the most!
    • Getting creative!
      Our new huge whiteboard inspired the children to get creative in our outdoor area! They took turns to draw and write all over the board and produced some great pictures!
    • Pants!
      As part of the NSPCC's 'Speak out Stay safe' online programme the Explorers have been talking pants to learn that their bodies belong to them and them alone.
    • Being Friends
      This week we have been talking about being good friends.
    • Diwali
      Diwali time is here again!
    • Children in Need
      The Explorers had great fun breaking the rules to raise money for Children in need today! Thank you for all your efforts and donations.
    • Blending Fun!
      We love our outside physical phonics time!
    • Creating
      During our learning time, we love to use our imaginations to create representations of the world around us.
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