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    • Pavilions Trip
      The children really enjoyed their trip to see Lily and the Christmas Snow Bear at the Pavilions in Teignmouth today. There was lots of singing and laughter and also a snowball fight!
    • Subtraction
      In our maths learning this week we have been learning about subtraction.
    • Curriculum Celebration
      Thank you for joining us today for the Curriculum Celebration. The Explorers loved showing you around the classroom and sharing their learning!
    • Poppy the Police Car
      The Explorers and their buddies met a police car covered in poppies today! They were excited to see the flashing lights but the siren was a bit noisy!
    • F for frogs!
      In phonics this week we have been learning to read and write the sound 'f' and 'ff' We found out that 'ff' is usually found at the end of words.
    • Peace at Last
      In literacy we have continued to use our story map to tell our story with words and actions. We were great at using expression in our voices to become Mr Bear!
    • Money
      This week in our maths learning we have been exploring money.
    • Bonfire Night is Here Again!
      On Monday we helped Bananas to think about how to keep safe on Bonfire night. We enjoyed listening to firework sounds, learning a new song and creating fire work pictures using beads, bows and lots of glittery things.
    • Mr Bear
      Today we came in from lunch to find a bear asleep on our carpet, don't panic, it was really Miss Trist! Mr Bear, from our story of 'Peace at Last ' was trying to find somewhere quiet to sleep!
    • Shapes everywhere!
      This week we have been learning about 2d shapes.
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