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    News Stories

    • Maths
      We have been learning about wholes being made up of parts!
    • Landmarks!
      We have learnt about landmarks on our school playground and Teignmouth town to make maps. We have now learnt about London landmarks ready for a map of Great Britain.
    • Teignmouth Landmarks
      Our map of Teignmouth including landmarks!
    • Harvest Celebrations
      We had our Harvest Celebration this afternoon. Miss Thomas led a fantastic assembly where the children learnt about how foods were harvested and the reasons why we celebrate this festival.
    • Wonderful Watercolours
      We have continued using different techniques in our aim to produce the perfect volcano or tsunami artwork during our Extreme Earth topic.
    • Earthquakes around the world
      The children investigated why some countries fare better than others when an earthquake strikes.
    • Storytelling
      After using actions to retell the story of The Little Red Hen the Explorers were really keen to make their own masks and act out the story themselves!
    • Fantastic Homework - 1
      We were very impressed with the children's homework this week! We loved seeing all of their creative sculptures of mountains.
    • Fantastic Homework - 2
      Here are some more examples from Voyagers Class.
    • Hot Seating Gangsta Granny!
      We had so much fun in our English lesson today! Some children volunteered to act like Gangsta Granny and be questioned by the rest of the class. The questions and answers helped us think about her personality in order to write our character description.
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