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    News Stories

    • Summer meadow - Art
      This week, in Art lessons, we used different printing techniques to create summer meadow pictures.
    • Ancient Egypt
      In History, we have been exploring different sources of evidence to help us have a better understanding of the past.
    • Sharing Stories
      The Investigators wrote their own stories and wanted to share them with the Explorers. The Explorers were great listeners and really enjoyed their shared story time!
    • Inter Bubble Competition
      This week and last week, all of our children took part in a sports competition within their own bubbles, but competing for their house teams.
    • Interhouse Competition
      The Explorers had a fabulous morning taking part in the competition!
    • Time Capsule
      On Tuesday, we found a time capsule in the nature area near the playground!
    • Ancient Egyptian Masks
      For homework, we set a task to create an Egyptian death mask.
    • Making Boats
      In maths we have been making boats and predicting how many cubes they will hold before they sink!
    • Odd or Even?
      This week we have been learning to apply our knowledge about odd and even numbers!
    • PE
      Athletics is the focus of our PE lessons this half term.
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