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    • Pantomime
      A big thank you to FOBS and parents for giving us the opportunity to go to the pantomime today! The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed 'A Big Snowy Christmas' which was about a baby bear going on mission to deliver presents for Santa.
    • Pantomime
      The children had an amazing time watching 'A Big Snowy Christmas' this afternoon at the Pavilions Teignmouth. A big thank you to parents and FOBS for making it possible!
    • What's the story today?
      In Explorers, we love to read! Every day we get the opportunity to read and share lots of new books, we even get to 'vote' for our favourite story. This Christmas we have enjoyed our book Advent calendar!
    • ...........and the votes are in!!
      Bishopsteignton Primary School has had the results in for their General Election. Every child had a chance to vote yesterday and it was very close. LABOUR (Red) 44 GREEN PARTY (Green) 50 LIBERAL DEMOCRATS (Yellow) 43 CONSERVATIVE (Blue) 42
    • Explorer's Christmas Craft Morning
      The Explorers had a brilliant morning making their Christmas crafts with their adults and performing their Baby Hunt story with songs. Thank you for coming along and joining in the fun!
    • Bishop's General Election
      The children have been taking part in their very own General Election today. Every child had a chance to vote for the party they want to form the next government.
    • Christmas Fun
      We are enjoying our Santa's workshop role play!
    • FOBS Christmas Fayre Tonight 5pm - 7pm
      The Hampers are ready for the raffle at the FOBS Christmas Fayre tonight. If you haven't yet returned the stubs and money you can bring them along this evening, and there will also be the opportunity to buy more!
    • Christmas Funky Fingers
      Our challenge this week is to dress the tree!
    • What can you do in 1 minute?
      This week in our maths learning we have been talking about time. We have been sequencing familiar events, talking about the importance of the order and using our vocabulary of first, then, next and finally to sequence events.
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