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    News Stories

    • Handball
      Lessons this half term have seen Inventors and Pioneers master the skills of handball.
    • Symmetry
      This week we have been learning about symmetry.
    • Hinduism
      Inventors and Pioneers have been learning all about Hinduism in our recent RE studies.
    • Science Investigation!
      This week, we have been finding out about reptiles, mammals and birds. We set up a simple experiment to investigate the insulating properties of feathers.
    • Computing!
      During our Computing lessons, we have been creating algorithms which use a loop!
    • Tricky Words
      This week we have continued to read and write captions with our tricky words.
    • Top Trumps!
      This week in our science lessons we made trump cards.
    • Shapes
      KS1 have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes this week.
    • Steering and Stopping
      We love to have fun and enjoy being active!
    • Eggs!
      'Chick to Hen' is our new Literacy text this week.
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